Wednesday, May 11, 2016

50 Before 50 /Bucket List

I started a great tradition last year with my sister and niece. A tradition, I hope to continue each year. We pick a place we have never been before, and get away for a girls weekend. Last year we hit Northern California. What a great time! 

A Jeep Momma Blog Post May 19, 2015

This year we are flying into Boston then heading up the coast for stops at the Boston Tea Party, Salem, Massachusetts, Wells, Maine, and Acadia National Park.

I am excited to be able to check off many of my 50 Before 50 items on my list. Stay tuned to see which ones I check off. Then... the exciting part about getting back from this vacation is not only sharing what I checked off my list BUT....  if all goes as planned, my Rubicon will be all grow-ed up.

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