Monday, May 23, 2016

Finally The Wait is Over!

As I was sitting on a bench in a beach town on the coast of Maine during my girls weekend away, my cellphone rang. It was Chuck from Adam's Xtreme MotorSports.
He called to tell me my Jeep was done. I was so excited! I wanted to see it right then, but I was still two days away from the end of my vacation. I asked Chuck to send me a picture. He said no way, he wanted to see my reaction in person.

When my plane landed we drove straight to Adams to pick up my Jeep. I was very excited. As you can see in this video I was looking for my Jeep... 

"Where's My Jeep Video"

They hid my Jeep out back, just so they could pull it around to surprise me. I was so excited I forgot to record the video.

It was awesome! I was finally in a "big" Jeep, no longer a "baby" Jeep. Or so that's how I felt around all those lifted Jeeps at Rausch Creek. 

Driving home was amazing. 
"Driving Home My Lifted Jeep" Video

I was sitting right up there with the truckers. The wheels didn’t make that "whoomp", "Whoomp" sound like I hear… but my top was up. I was a little tense on the ride, 75 miles on the interstate. It was a worry of tipping over on the curves. The ride sure wasn’t any bumpier than normal. 

Now my favorite thing is to park next to stock Wranglers so I can admire my Jeep. 

You can listen to my story on the Jeep Talk Show Episode 229.
Click here

Oh yeah... It fits in the garage with just less than three quarters of an inch to spare, but only with the top fully on, or all the way down. 

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