Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fender Mythbusters

A little over a year ago I tested out some home remedies to remove the wax I accidentally got on my Jeep Wrangler plastic fenders. None of the suggested remedies worked.

However, I found a product that not only hides the wax, but makes my fenders look like they just rolled off the factory floor. You may need to reapply this product after it rains or you get your Jeep dirty as it is not permanent.  

Back to Black by Mother's is my go to product for my black plastic Jeep Wrangler fenders. 

UPDATE: After my video aired on YouTube a viewer shared he uses tire cleaner on his fenders. So I gave it a try last weekend. OMG!!! It works!  So easy. I just sprayed the fenders with Meguiar's Hot Shine Foam, once the foam starts to turn clear I just wiped it down with a micro fiber cloth. 

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