Sunday, September 29, 2019

Nexen Tires Mounted

I am looking forward to trying out the Roadian MTX tires by Nexen Tires. Nexen is venturing into the off road market with their new tire featuring a dual sidewall design that allows you to customize your look.

The tire features an aggressive design that allows for versatility on and off-road. A standard 3-Ply design and F-load weight rating for heavy hauling. 

Nexen is one of our sponsors for Jeep Momma and Neil's Adam's Xtreme Off Road Adventure. Both Neil and I are going to test out their off road tire during our cross country overland / off road adventure. 

I have heard great reviews of this off-road tire from other off roaders on it's performance on the trails. Some of the reports I am hearing is great grip on the rocks, limited road noise on the highway, and you don't need to air down as much as other tires for a bigger footprint.

Once Neil and I get out on the roads and trails to test out the tires we both will be giving a full report! 

In the meantime I went wheeling yesterday at Rausch Creek for Women's Wheeling Day. We ran ten blue trails with rocks, mud and water. I was aired down to 20 PSI and they performed awesome. I do want to try them at different PSI to get a real picture on how they perform. Stay tuned to this blog and my YouTube Channel for updates. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Quadratec Headlights Installed

After years of being patient, I finally have new headlights. Thanks to Quadratec, I installed Premium Heated LED Projector Beam Headlights.

...exclusively engineered for Quadratec by J.W. Speaker 
...Dual-Burn® high & low beam optics
...heated Headlamps feature SmartHeat® 
...with LED light sensors that automatically activate the heat elements at startup or as outside temperatures drop to freezing. Once any accumulated ice or snow has melted and the lights have met the high temperature threshold, the SmartHeat® grid system automatically shuts off. 
...Premium LED projector head lamps feature fully approved DOT markings
...built in pulse width modulators to prevent flickering

These headlights are super easy to install, plug n play with zero modifications. Just plug them in and your good to go. Check out my Jeep Momma's Garage install video on YouTube

For the past several years I've had headlight issues. My goal was to be patient solving this problem. Patience isn't one of my strong suits, so I am pretty proud of myself for taking the time to really solve the issue. 

I narrowed it down to the connection between the aftermarket plug and the factory plug. At the time, I felt the fix was a new factory plug. It worked for a while, but then the issue came back.

Now, my theory is the problem lies with the connection between the factory headlight plug and the aftermarket plug. I believe certain headlight plugs just don't connect well enough, especially if you off road a lot and bounce around on the trails. 

I am looking forward to using my new headlights while I traverse the US on the Trans America Trail with my new wheeling buddy Neil and Maggie May, his 1980 Grand Wagoneer.

We will be reviewing both our new Quadratec headlights while we are on our Adams Xtreme Off Road Adventure

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Bucket List

This list continues to grow and change as I find new, interesting things I would like to try. Sit down and make your list. Make your goals simple to start, like I did. Then work up to bigger goals. It is exciting and very rewarding.

Wheel the Kentucky Adventure Trail
Wheel in Arizona
Visit Lake Tahoe
OffRoad at Windrock Off-Road Park 
Visit Iceland
Take a dip in the hot springs
Party in the Keys
Visit San Diego to watch the Navy Seals Train 
Overland across the US up thru Canada to Alaska
Jeep the Rubicon Trail
Hike Old Rag
Hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail
Gold Mine in Alaska
Visit a "Dude Ranch" 
Visit Crater Lake 
Climb a Volcano in Hawaii
Revisit Yellowstone
Camp in the Grand Canyon
Hike & Wheel Big Bend National Park
Visit Bond Falls Houghton, Michigan
Visit My Family Farm in Norway 
Wheel Silver Lakes Sand Dunes

Visit Bourbon Street in New Orleans
Attend Bartender's School
Wheel in Uwharrie
Earn the Dickey Bell Badge of Honor
Earn the Peters Mill Jeep Badge of Honor 
Jeep in Moab
Visit Utah State Parks
Visit a Ghost Town
Ride a Mechanical Bull 
Complete my 50 Before 50 List 
Lift My Jeep with 35's May 2016

Visit the San Francisco Area 

Visit Wells, Maine (my family settled that town)
Visit Bar Harbor, Maine
Visit Acadia National Park 
Get Sliders for My Jeep  
Tattoo #2   July 18, 2014
Tattoo #1  June 9, 2014
Off Roadin' in a Jeep  May 27, 2014
Warrior Dash Race May 13, 2014
10K Race - December 3, 2013
My Mini Bucket List Update - August 22,2013 
Camping & Hiking with my Boys - August 13, 2013
Mini Bucket List - August 8, 2013 

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Maggie May

Affectionately named Maggie May, a 1980 Wagoneer left to live out eternity in a junkyard. She is now in the process of being restored for an epic adventure across America. Neil, my partner on this epic journey, found the dilapidated hunk of metal and knew he found a gem.  

For the past month Neil has been searching for parts old and new to bring Maggie May to life. He has worked tirelessly hours on end while working fulltime. His goal is to get her running and on new shoes in time for our Epic Adams Xtreme Off Road Adventure across the United States via the Trans American Trail. 

Motor: AMC 360
Trans torqueflight 727
     Tim's Transmission Alamosa Co
      Tuned & shift kit
Transfer Case: NP 209
Axles: 4.10 ratio 
Front Dana 60 Ford F350
Rear Norton 10.25 LSD
4 wheel disc brakes

Suspension custom 6" 
Air bag assist rear
Tom Woods Custom Driveshafts Front & Rear
Wheels Ford OE
On board air: circa 1980 Monroe Max Air

300w solar Panel: Rich solar LA CA. Controller specialty concepts Mark 20
1000w inverter portawatzz
Guest 30 amp 3 bank on board charger 
Battery management xantrax Link 20
Shoreline dual bank charging relay, fuse kit,& 120 braker panel
Kussmaul auto eject
Master manufacturing 15 gallon water tank/pump
40 color RGB led lights
Navigation system auto car 7" 
Uniden pro 520 CB
Vizio 22in TV