Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Jeep Momma's Overland Adventure Journal

Day 1 Saturday, October 12

The day I had been waiting for finally arrived. I loaded up my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, gave a heart wrenching, tear-filled goodbye to my two boys, and then headed out for my Adams Extreme Off Road Adventure. 

Earlier this summer I met fellow Jeeper Neil on social media, where we began planning our epic 'bucket list' adventure to traverse America across the TransAmerica Trail. 
The original plan was to meet in Virginia at the Overland Expo East. Neil making the trip driving his 1980 Grand Wagoneer, Maggie May. However like any good adventure we needed to adapt.

Neil had spent two solid weeks in the garage, working 14 to 16 hour days trying to fix a once working Maggie May. The deadline had come and pass and he needed to hit the road. So Plan B was his friends Land Rover for the first half of the trip. Then back to Colorado to finish fixing up Maggie May to  take her on the West Coast part of the trip.

The night before I hit the road, Neil was already headed East. Around 1am he blew a tire on the Land Rover. New tires weren't available for 4 days. So it was on to Plan C. 

Before I even got out of Maryland, we decided I pick up Neil just outside St. Louis, Missouri and we do the first half of the adventure in my Jeep Wrangler. 

As I drove through West Virginia, I came across a fellow Maryland Jeeper Joe, GetMudy. A quick selfie with Joe and it was back on the road to Neil. Fourteen long hours later I finally arrived. 

Day 2 Sunday Oct 13
Sunday morning we unloaded all my gear and downsized to fit Neil, his dog and his gear into my Jeep. Instead of car camping we are tent camping for the first part of the adventure. 

Always looking for a silver lining, we decided to hit some sites not originally on the agenda. We stopped by the St. Louis Arch, camped in Illinois, then hit the road for Ohio.

A great meal of sausage, rice and fresh green beans! 

It was time to get back to Plan A. Unfortunately we missed
the Overland Expo East, but were able to take the tour of L.T. Wright Knives

Live YouTube Video from LT Wright Knives 

Tour with LT Wright 

DAY 3 Monday Oct 14
We had a whole State Park to ourselves, Salt Fork State Park in Ohio. We did some primitive camping, toured the Kennedy Stone House and took a short hike to a cavern.

This adventure will be amazing and life changing. I am already learning the hard skill of adapting. I am also turning negatives into positives and looking for the silver lining.  

Monday, October 7, 2019

Overland Bound - Wrangler Prep

It's my last weekend before I head out to meet Neil in Arrington, VA for the Overland Expo East where we will begin our Adams Extreme Off Road Adventure. 

These last days are dedicated to Jeep prep. The first objective is to sleep in my Jeep to see what changes I need to make. 

Then I will be working through all the items I plan on taking and reflecting on what I really need. I have prepared myself well with all my off road adventures over the past 6 years. 

I am extremely excited to begin this journey. I feel it will be life changing. I am also looking forward to meeting all new friends I have met online through out the years! Make sure you check out My YouTube Channel and Subscribe. You can also follow along on my Facebook Page as well as Instagram

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Adding More Purple Highlights! Route 66 Mods

Finding purple accessories for my Jeep has always been a struggle. I finally just resorted to spray painting what I want purple. But lo and behold one company gets it and offers purple accessories.

I was so excited when another Jeeper shared the company Route 66 Mods with me. A company specializing in colorizing faseners for you Jeep.

Route 66 Mods is a small family owned and operated business based in Kingman, AZ. A great source for powder coated fasteners. They have developed a process that makes powder coating fasteners work. 

A multi-step process they developed over a course of years of trial and error. The coatings hold up to all the rigors that a fastener receives, from tightening to daily service and all weather conditions.

Another easy way to accessorize you Jeep. It's simple and easy, just remove the factory bolts and replace them with the new colorized bolts. 

You just need a torx screwdriver and allen wrench. A great way to add a splash of color to your Jeep. They have all colors to chose from.