Saturday, November 30, 2019

Another Vendor Tour

If you look closely you can see the cows
DAY 6 Neil and I woke up to the sounds of mooing this morning. It was sure better than the sounds of bears. We had spent the night in a cow pasture. And it was also in the path of a local bear.

We packed up camp and headed into town to Blue Ridge Overland Gear. Or should I say Neil packed up camp while I took care of Jersey to make sure she stayed clear of the cows. 

The shop is located in Bedford a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. They provide several jobs in this community to help support small town USA. 

I found this company years ago and have been using their products in my Jeep. I have several molle bags as well as their seat back panel. Check it out here in this blog post.   

Blue Ridge Overland Gear specializes in Molle and canvas bags which are all hand sewn right in the shop by local townsfolk. 

Neil and I got a tour of the small town "factory"  Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tour
After the tour and great conversation with Matt, the owner of the company, we headed to James River Park for the Roof Top Tent Rally.

Neil and I found a spot way off in the corner and began setting up our campsite. 

Then we got to work on dinner. Neil grilled up the chicken. Jersey was close by to give Neil chicken cooking tips. Neil uses a Magmus grill which is amazing. I should say used to use.  Later in the trip there was a slight accident with the grill.

Using the fork to flip the chicken just wasn't working so Neil started using his new L.T. Wright Knife. During our adventure he taught me a knife can have so many uses while you are overlanding. 

As the chicken was getting juicy on the grill, I made quick work of the peppers and onions with our new camp kitchen knifes from L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives. Then started frying them up. 

There will be a knife review video up on my YouTube Channel soon. 

It was nice to have the time to spend making a yummy dinner. And... of course Neil had to have his hand in ever pot! 

We made Chicken Quesadilla's for diner that night. I used the left over chicken to have chicken salad sandwiches the next day for lunch. Both Neil and I were looking forward to a relaxing night by the campfire. Then checking out the Roof Top Tent Rally the next morning.

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