Sunday, December 1, 2019

Roof Top Tent Rally


I woke up this morning excited for a day of relaxing at the campsite and hanging out at the Roof Top Tent Rally. Even though Neil and I picked a campsite way off in the back corner it filled up quickly. 

There were lots of other dogs arriving and it was a chore to keep Jersey calm. She is a rescue dog. Neil freed her from the shelter and her four foot by four foot home of two years. And her life before that was abusive. She has a lot of issues around other animals, a defensive instinct for her. Eventually, as the day grew on she got better with the other animals around.

Later that afternoon, Neil and I were able to sneak off to go visit my inspiration Dan Grec, The Road Chose Me. WOW! Seeing his Wrangler close up was the coolest thing ever. This is the Jeep he lived in for three years overlanding around the continent of Africa. 

Again Neil and I were able to pick his brain for all the great overlanding tips he learned while in Africa. You could spend a whole week talking with Dan and continually learn new things. He has so much knowledge about overlanding and what works and what doesn't. He also has such a positive outlook about it all it inspires me to do more!   

I was even able to hang out inside his Jeep to get an up close and personal look at where he lived for three years. It was surreal to be actually sitting in his Jeep. He is the expert on living simply which is a goal of mine. 

Living simple has been a goal of mine for around five years now. Seeing and hearing how Dan did it inspired me to simplify even more. I am realizing life is about the experiences and not the stuff.  

Neil and I also purchased his book The Road Chose Me which you can buy on Amazon. He should be coming out with his book about Africa soon.  

We spent the rest of the day walking around meeting other overlanders. Then in the evening we warmed up by a huge bonfire and listened to Dan tell the crowd stories about Africa. It was an amazing day and tomorrow it was back on the road to the Trans American Trail. 


  1. Lots of ideas for the top tent there. We'll just finish installing the railings and bakflip mx4 tonneau cover on the truck and I'll check some good top tent tonneau for the JK.

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