Saturday, January 18, 2020

Spectacular Grand Canyon

Day 18We woke up to a cold morning in Mesa Verde National Park. The three of us slept on my Mattress Firm mattress in the back of my Rubicon. It was cold all night, but Jersey was like a mini heater and kept us warm. She is also a cover hog.

It was an a spectacular view during our drive through the park on our way to the Grand Canyon. Neil had a good time messing with me as we drove the park. 
Our first stop was 4 Corners Monument where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah come to a point. The monument was nice but the "park" was not what I expected. It still looked like it did in the 1970's when I first visited. I was expecting some upgrades. 

We arrived at the Grand Canyon just as the sun was setting! What a spectacular view. It was chilly and windy, but Neil and I had a good time stopping at all the different vistas.

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