Tuesday, April 21, 2020

March Madness

At the end of Jeep Momma & Neil's Adam's Xtreme Off Road Adventure last fall, Neil and I talked about our next adventure. I honestly didn't think we would have one. I wasn't expecting us to ever meet again. 

We both were living different lives with me on the East Coast and Neil on the West Coast. 

Little did I know, we were destined to wheel together again. With my personal life a mess "Hardest Week of My Life", I headed out West and we began planning our next adventure. 

We planned on hitting all the Overland Events, Easter Jeep Safari and two fan rides. The first fan ride was a West Coast fan ride on Mojave Road call the LTWK Mojave Road Fan Ride sponsored by L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives. The second is an East Coast Ride in Kentucky. 

As we were preparing for our LTWK Fan Ride at the end of March on the Mojave Road in Southern California, we got word of a wheeling event in Kingman, Arizona. Neil and I didn't even need to discuss it,as we both agreed it needed to be put on the calendar. 

Two of our YouTube fans joined us in Kingman for March Madness. We found a secluded spot on BLM lands and set up camp for four nights and four days of wheeling. 

After we set up camp the first day there was enough time to wheel an easy wash before the sunset. It was a nice relaxing drive through a sandy wash with super easy obstacles. 

The next morning it was time to hit the trails, Twister and Wayne's World. Our fan Mike AKA Jeep Zentoks on YouTube called shotgun with Neil. He wanted to check out the trails before he ventured out in his Jeep. 

Rick and I wheeled in my Jeep. Twister was the most difficult trail I have ever wheeled. I am proud to say I made it through with out any damage. Plus I wheeled it with out a spotter. I am moving up in the wheeling world. 

TWISTER - YouTube Video
WAYNE'S WORLD - YouTube Video

The second day I took a day off from wheeling and did some much needed errands to get ready for our LTWK Mojave Road Fan Ride. We were heading straight to Kingman to meet our fans in just a couple of days. Neil and Mike headed to the trail Homecourt for the day. I had wheeled Homecourt the last time we were in Kingman so I was good. 

Our last day in Kingman I called shotgun in Neil's Jeep. I really wanted to get some good video of him wheeling, that is hard to do if I take my Jeep. The trail was Safelite and wow what an amazing trail. Check out the story here.

Safelite YouTube Video

I didn't mention in the video that as Neil was being towed off the trail the Jeep flipped. No one was hurt but the Jeep's windshield took a hit from Neil's knee. 

What a great day of wheeling. The next morning we packed up camp and headed to Mojave Road to meet our other fans joining us. 

A shout out to our fantastic Sponsors

Monday, April 20, 2020

The Bittersweet End of Our Epic Journey

Day 33 to 37 

The last four days of our Adam's Xtreme Off Road Aventure were basically spent driving. It took us two days to get from the Hoover Dam back to Colorado. Hoover Dam was our last stop. Neil had always wanted to see the Hoover Dam.

My last night in Colorado Neil and I ate at his favorite Mexican Restaurant in Del Norte. I remember him looking at me saying "this is nice". Just of the two of us sharing a quite meal. The next day was really hard for me. 

I delayed leaving as long as I could. We shared one last live video on YouTube. I honestly didn't think we would ever see each other again.

Little did I know what my future had in store for me. 

Then after a tearful good-bye to Neil and Jersey, I hit the road back to the East Coast. I was able to make it to somewhere in Kansas where I stopped at a campground and slept in my Jeep. The next day I was so eager to get back home to see my kids. I drove 18 hours to get home at 2am. My kids were waiting up for me. It was great to see them. They are my pride and joy. Two amazing boys!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Gold Mountain - Jeep Badge of Honor

Day 31

Our last minute lunch with fellow Jeeper Stacey the day before lead to an amazing day of wheeling in Southern California. We met up with Stacey in the morning. Our first stop was Pioneertown. A cool little stop before we hit the trails. 

In 1946, Pioneertown was founded by a group of Hollywood investors, including actors Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. They dreamed of creating an Old West set 125 miles east of Los Angeles that was actually a town worth visiting.

The 1880s-style false-front facades with interiors that had stuff for visitors to see and do too. Up went frontier stables, saloons, and jails; inside, they housed ice cream parlors, bowling alleys, and motels. 

It wasn’t a place just for tourists to enjoy though; more than 50 films and television shows were filmed here in the 1940s and ‘50s. After our stroll thru the cool little town it was off to the trails.

The first trail was 2N02 where we also met fellow Jeeper and YouTuber Mike - JeepZentoks. We all had such a great time Stacey and Mike met us for our most recent adventure the LTWK Mohave Road Fan Ride. (more on this trip soon!)

Southern California Wheeling 2N02 Trail

A great 20 mile moderate trail that connects the Yucca Valley to Big Bear with stunning views of the San Bernardino Mountains. 

Jersey loved hanging her head out the window getting fresh air and checking out those desert smells. 

We came out of the trail near Big Bear Lake and make a last minute decision to try the Gold Mountain Trail again. I wanted that Jeep Badge of Honor. 

Stacey and Mike had never wheeled the trail, but did an amazing job on those rocky obstacles for the first time in their manual Jeeps with no lockers! Neil was an excellent spotter helping Stacey and Mike maneuver their Jeeps through the rocks.  

The second time up Gold Mountain I didn't freak out like the first time. I actually did pretty good. Plus, the views on Gold Mountain were spectacular. 

By the time we drove off the mountain it was dinnertime so we stopped in Big Bear for some dinner, then it was time to say good-bye to Stacey and Mike (for now). It was a great day of wheeling and we met two really great peeps who will forever be in our lives!  

Day 32

We ended up heading back to the West Coast to get another vendor interview. We were excited to meet Paul from Nexen. Neil and I were testing out the Roadian MTX tires. They were doing an amazing job for me. 

It was a bittersweet day. It was time to head back to the East Coast. It was an amazing trip as we met so many awesome companies and Jeepers. Neil and I began talking about our next adventure. Deep down I didn't think I could ever make another Jeep adventure happen. Little did I know what my future was going to bring.  

Friday, April 10, 2020

Pinyon Canyon Wheeling

Day 28 

Neil and I spent the day lazing around the campsite with Jeep Girl Lori Graves. It was nice to spend the whole day just doing nothing, but hanging in the great outdoors. Tomorrow will be the day for off road fun. 

Neil and Lori gave the term Day Drinking a whole new meaning. Even Jersey got in on the fun. Later that evening the other Jeepers rolled in & joined in on the fun.  

Day 29

Time to hit the trails. Both Lori and Jay Bowman joined us on the trails, two fellow Jeep followers on social media I got to meet. Little did I know the trail they picked was a Jeep Badge of Honor Trail! WOOT! WOOT! It was a great day of wheeling with some amazing views. 

The trail had three difficult obstacles and the rest was amazing views of the canyon. 

Neil and I look forward to hooking up with our new friends again to wheel those Southern California trails. 

Day 30

After spending three nights in one place it was time to go. We weren't sure what was up next, but we were ready to see what the adventure had in store for us. We knew we wanted to see the town Neil spent growing up in, Desert Hot Springs, but little did we know we were going to meet some more amazing Jeepers. 

First, we stopped at the Salton Sea, then on to Desert Hot Springs were we met fellow Jeeper and Jeep Talk Show podcast fan Stacey for a late lunch. We ended up making plans with Stacey for the next day. A day where Jeep Momma gets a second chance.    

 Live from The Salton Sea

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Mojave Road Fun

Day 23
As we left Kingman, Neil and I were looking forward to the isolation of Mojave Road. It  is an historic route across the Mojave Desert. A route from the Native Americans back in the day, but later became a thoroughfare for Spanish missionaries, explorers and settlers. 

The GAIA app sure helped keep us on track as there are so many two tracks, gravel roads, and wash outs in the desert. Plus, Neil has an amazing sense of direction.

He also knows how to pick a great campsite. Before the sunset, we found a nice quiet spot along the road to set up camp and make some dinner. 

It was really nice to be out in the middle of nowhere looking at all the stars by a campfire. Something I could do every night. 

Neil is the king of campfires.
All he needs is wood and his trusty machete from L.T. Wright Knives.  

Day 24

The next day we looked forward to finding some of Mojave Roads history spots. I was excited when we found the mailbox.

We also found an old "ghost town". It was actually an old lava rock mine with everything left to rust.


A windmill still turns at an old watering spot for the travelers back in the day. Old structures still stand and I wonder who lived here. 

There was still so much more to see but we had places to go and people to meet, so we jumped off Mojave Road, and headed towards the coast of California as our goal was San Diego.

Day 25

On our way to Long Beach where we were going to hit the coastal highway down to San Diego we passed through Big Bear, California.

Big Bear, California is home to three Jeep Badge of Honor Trails. Little did I realize we were on one when I suggested a detour of a scenic drive. Not only was is scenic, but I freaked out from the heights. I  decided the trail was too much for me, and we turned around. 

However, we were able to hit the trail again on the way back and I was able to complete the trail.


Day 26 

We finally made it to the coast and spent the day driving down the coastal highway one. It was a nice drive all the way down to San Diego. 
The best part was Jersey's reaction to hearing the ocean waves for the first time. 

      Long Beach, CA Live

We set up camp at the KOA in San Diego which was odd for me to be camping in a city.

Day 27

It was a night camping with sounds of sirens instead of coyotes, birds, and Big Foot. The next morning we headed to the city for a little tourist time. We went to the water front to check out all the ships. We also went to Coronado Beach to see the Navy Seals but it wasn't my lucky day.

From San Diego it was on to Anzo-Borrego Desert where we were going to meet fellow Jeepers for some camping and wheeling. Neil and I arrived first for a night of peaceful camping by ourselves. 

We found a nice spot under the shade of a tree. Jersey had a great time having the campsite to herself to smell all the new smells.