Thursday, November 18, 2021

Trials Make You Stronger

 Pilgrimage of Healing My Heart, Mind and Soul- Day 1

A good friend told me God puts us through difficult times so we can help others through difficult times. 

"Every trial God sends, even our daily frustrations are meant to test us and grow us stronger. If I want God to use me for big things, I must pass the little tests. If I don’t pass the little tests, why should I expect God to trust me with greater things?"

We all go through difficult times, some of us have greater  challenges than others. Most people don't understand how truly difficult a persons trials are because most of us face them alone, and do it quietly out of fear and embarrassment.

Typically I am not quiet about my trials. When I was facing struggles trying to get my son help in school I figured I wasn't the only one. I created a group for parents going through similar hardships. Facing the same issues together, we were able to help and support each other through our journey's. 

Now, I am facing a trying time most don't understand. Usually
people are wrapped up in their own issues, and because they don't see all the aspects of someone's trials, they cannot truly understand. 

I still don't fully understand what I am going through because you never believe something like this could happen to you. I am now on a pilgrimage to understand and heal with the hope of being able to share my experience to help others avoid this kind of pain. 

Trials Link 1

Trials Link 2 

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