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Gaslighting is an term we hear about a lot, but do you truly understand what it is all about? The more we talk about this term the more we can become aware of what it is and how it can damage your self's and your confidence. First you need to understand what Gaslighting is and the signs to look out for before you can begin to heal and take care of your Self's. 

Gaslighting is form of emotional and psychological manipulating using the primary techniques of withholding, countering, blocking, trivializing and denial. This effort undermines the truth and causes confusion for the victim making them question their own emotions and sanity. Gaslighting a victim over a long period of time destroys the victims self-esteem and self-confidence creating insecurity and denying their own intuition. 

Once you figure out the problem is not you, the rebuilding process can begin. It can be a long, arduous journey depending on how long the abuse has been going on. 

Working on your "Self's" is so important. Here are links to tips on how to take care of some of your "Self's".

Self-Love & Self-Care & Self-Image

Another self is Self-Confidence which is trusting your judgment, capacities and abilities. A strong self-confidence helps your self-esteem.

Tips on Building Your Self-Confidence

Surround Yourself with Positive People 
Stop Comparing Yourself with Others
Take Care of Your Body
Be Kind to Yourself
Practice Positive Self-Talk
Face Your Fears
Laugh at Yourself
Admit Mistakes & Accept Responsibility
Stay Open Minded

Self-Love & Self-Care & Self-Image

Signs of Gaslighting

You doubt your feelings and reality.
You question your judgment and perceptions.
You feel vulnerable and insecure.
You feel alone and powerless.
You wonder if you are what they say you are.
You are disappointed in yourself and who you have become.
You feel confused.
You worry that you are too sensitive.
You have a sense of impending doom.
You apologize a lot.
You feel inadequate.
You second-guess yourself.
You assume others are disappointed in you.
You wonder what's wrong with you.
You struggle to make decisions because you distrust yourself.

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