Wednesday, April 6, 2022

My Emotional Journey

 My Book is Now for Sale on Amazon!

“Let it Go”
“Silently Walk Away”
"Get Over It”
“Put it Behind You and Move On”
I have heard those words over & over the past several months. It has taken me a long time and a lot of research to process everything I have discovered about what I went through. What I experienced is deeper than your normal end of the relationship process because it wasn’t a normal, loving, caring relationship. I decided to be me and do what I do best, Powerfully Take a Stand.

So, I wrote a book about my experience. It is raw and emotional. I expose so much of myself personally, but I needed to share with the world in hopes one day my words might comfort or help someone else through their healing process or even prevent someone from going through the pain in the first place.

I encourage you to read my story as you may better understand the seriousness of emotional abuse. I recently came across a Netflix Documentary that is on a larger scale but it similar to my story. I was lucky and got out in time before I went down the rabbit hole too far.

During my process of journaling and researching, my writing turned into a story which turned into my first book. I learned so much I never knew before I started to research. There are millions and millions of people living this pain EVERY – SINGLE – DAY! My hope is to raise awareness, bring compassion and understanding of letting the victim voice their pain and frustration over and over if needed. Healing from this can take months even years and the first step is education and awareness.

I would love your support in the purchase of my book on Amazon. Please leave a review and share with your friends. We need to spread awareness!

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