50 Before 50

Simple everyday things I should try before I turn 50 in August in no particular order. Hover over each item. Some have links to Jeep Momma Blog Posts.  

1.  Write a book and send it to publishers 
      Moved to my Bucket List. The book is outlined & partially written.  
2.   Try  Sushi
3.   Bake a cake from scratch
4.   Get another tattoo
5.   Donate blood
6.   Go to Karaoke Night
7.   Visit Wells, Maine -- the town my ancestors settled
8.   Earn Trail #11 at Rausch Creek ORP Badge 
9.   Go on a haunted Ghost Tour
10. Eat a new vegetable
11. Drink a Bloody Mary 
12. Watch Gone with the Wind
13Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area 
14. Get a Facial 
15. Go Dancing
16. Do a good deed... Pay it forward
17. Meet an online friend in person
18. Add purple highlights to my hair

19. Make a loaf of bread from scratch
20. Pay for a stranger's lunch
21. Buy my first power tool for myself 
22. Earn Crawler Ridge Trail at Rausch Creek badge
23. Girl's Overnight trip
24. Refocus myself back to Live Simple, Enjoy Life and Clean Eating 
25. Buy a lottery ticket 
26. Drink a Martini
27. Tape some change to a parking meter
28. Try a white wine spritzer
29. Eat at Good Stuff Eatery 
30. Swim (for me wade) in a Great Lake (Lake Erie)
31. Grow an indoor Herb Garden
32. Drink a Margarita  
33. Get a Full-time Job
34. Create My Words to Live By
35. Drink a glass of Brandy
36. See ACDC in Concert
Unfortunatly this one won't happen. I was so close but they cancelled the DC concert just before the concert and I do not want to see them without Brian. 
37. Eat at a new place
38. Play a game of pool at a bar (just like I did in my 20's)
39. Get a Slurpee from
40. Try a Moon Pie
41. See the Cherry Blossom's in bloom in DC
42. Enter a photo contest
43. Learn how to tie a man's tie
44. Smoke a Cigar 
45. Start Running again 
46.  Lose 10 pounds
47.  Buy a dress to wear as an everyday dress 
48.  Watch a TED talk
49.  Send a random gift to a random online friend
50.  Make a no bean chili

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