New Venture

Neil and I never planned on staying in Colorado full-time as we both have an aversion to the cold. However, the mountains call to us. We love the San Luis Valley, and the life of small town USA. 

We also never planned on opening up a full-time 4x4/auto
repair shop, it just fell in our laps. We were tinkering... finding old, abandoned, neglected Jeeps fixing them up, then finding new forever homes for them. 

We were working out of a rented farm garage. That came to an end under circustances out of our control. Then we found a building in Monte Vista, Colorado. We were in the process of buying the building when our vision to save Jeeps grew. We wanted to create a Jeep Community, as well. 

For reasons beyond our control again... and our pocketbook, our plans to bring Colorado 4x4 to that building fell through. It ended up being a blessing in disguise though. Now we are at 229 Adams St, Monte Vista, Colorado where we believe we were meant to be at this time. 

Colorado 4x4 is more than just a repair shop. We specialize in all 4WD repairs and mods as well as cutom fabrication. We fill 4x4 needs from mild to wild. We want our shop to be a place for gathering, as well as forming a Jeep/4x4 community. 

Part of Colorado 4x4 is our side passion for saving old vintage Jeeps. 

The Jeep Rescue League-South 

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