Day 2 - Hell's Revenge

There is the saying "Everything Happens For a Reason!". I believe that. Forces brought Charlene Bower and myself together for a reason. 

Charlene was the calm to my fear. She helped me face my fear of heights head on. She is a certified I4WDTA trainer ~ international 4 Wheel-drive Trainer's Association. The members go through a stringent training program having to pass written and practical exams

I booked a Jeep and a guide for a Friday Night Sunset Jeep Tour with Outlaw Jeep Tours. They offer many types of tours. You can ride-along as a passenger in their Jeep, you can follow along in your Jeep, or you can drive their Jeep and follow along with a guide. The last option is what I picked. I wanted to drive their Jeep!

They are the only company in Moab where you can drive their Jeep AND get a knowledgeable guide to 
guide you along the trails.

Hell's Revenge was the trail for the night. Hell's Revenge is know for it's high steep climbs, heart pounding descents, and beautiful views of the La Sal Mountains and Negro Bill's Canyon. 

Everything about Hell's Revenge is Heart Pounding! 

Right off the bat you are thrown to the Lion's Den! The entrance to Hell's Revenge is a "Fin". These are Navajo Sandstone Slickrock formations. The trails is littered with them. Some are steeper than the others.  
I have an extreme fear of heights, so this was a huge challenge for me. With Charlene in the passenger seat talking me through my fear, I made it to the top, not as fast as most Jeepers though. I'm sure residents of Moab could hear my cursing echoing through the canyons as I inched my way up the fin. 

Now, that I was at the top I had to make the journey down the back side only to more fins. Each time it was a little easier, but it was still an intense drive.

I was in a Wrangler with a 3.5" Ranch lift, Raceline Monster Wheels, 40" STT Pro Tires, Dana Spicer ultimate 60 axles with e lockers and 5:38 gears. 
One Badass Jeep! 

Hell's Revenge is trail-rated for a 6. Stock 4x4 vehicles can make it through the trail with by-passes for some of the more challenging obstacles. There are steep climbs and descents, along with some edges that are not for the faint of heart. The steep slopes, however, are not technically difficult because of the excellent traction on the sandstone rock.

Once you make it over the first fin, you come up to a cliff over looking the town of Moab. On top of this cliff are some dinosaur tracks in the rock. Pretty Cool, that I was roaming where dinosaurs once lived.  

There are several obstacles on Hell's Revenge. One is called Hell's Gate. This is a very difficult obstacle. So my guide, K.L., took over the driver's seat while I grabbed on tight in the passenger seat. This is one scary ride down then back up again. 

Hell's Gate Video - view from the dash

Hell's Gate Video - view from outside the Jeep  

Even though it was an intense trail, I had a blast. K.L. was very patient and understanding of my fear. He certainly deserves a medal for having to put up with me.  

Since I was on the sunset tour we only had a few hours of sunlight. Normally this tour doesn't run the whole trail. The local tour company's usually just turn around at some point in the trail. Apparently the exit of the trail has become very worn and bumpy. I ended up having to drive the last couple of fins in the dark. So the fin I drove first at the entrance, well I had to drive that in the dark. Talk about intense.  

I went to bed this night feeling drained, nervous and excited all at the same time. I was hoping I would be able to make it all day on the trails without Charlene as my supportive passenger. 

Jeep Momma's Hell's Revenge Videos 
This video are all the most scary moments I had on Hell's Revenge.  

This is the longer version of my drive on Hell's Revenge. 

This is video of an obstacle on Hell's Revenge. Just my kind of obstacle! 

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