Day 3

After my night on Hell's Revenge, I woke up the next morning with a lot of anxiety. I was worried if I would make it on the trails all day long. Hell's Revenge took a lot out of me.

Once I arrived at Outlaw Jeep Tours I met with K.L., my guide from the night before. He volunteered to be my co-pilot. We loaded up "Shrek", the green beast that I would be driving for the day and headed for the trails. 

As we headed out for Fins and Things, I was a little more relaxed. K.L. is an awesome guide with a calming voice. He grew up in the Moab area, and has been 4x4'ing the trails since the 80's. I was in good hands. 

Fins and Things is an awesome trail. There are some intense fins, but after my initiation the night before, I was able to handle them with minor swearing. 

The trail is in three parts and has many different terrains and obstacles such as Kenny's Climb.

After finishing all of Fins and Things it was time for a lunch and bathroom break. Then we headed to the other side of Moab for the trail, Poison Spider

Just the entrance alone was enough to put my nerves back on edge ~ harrowing switchbacks with sharp drop offs. Once at the top I was able to relax, until I realized I lost my cellphone. After we tore apart the Jeep, I realized I left in in the bathroom. Sadly, we weren't able to finish the trail. So K.L. got in the drivers seat to get us off the trail as quickly as possible. He tore down that mountainside like he was driving on a straight interstate. We barreled down that thing at a high rate of speed, or what I consider high rate. 

Back on the other side of Moab, much to my relief we found my phone. Since it was growing late we decided to stay on that side and ran Porcupine Rim. What a perfect trail, again with many terrains and obstacles. I really enjoyed this trail!

The whole day was amazing and it left me itching for more trail rides. So I have already begun thinking about my next trip out. 

After turning in the keys to Shrek it was time to get some souvenir shopping done. While walking along Moab's Main Street my phone rang. 

It was Charlene, my favorite co-pilot. We met up for dinner at Jay's Pasta. A great stop you should make if you ever find yourself in Moab. 

Then she took me to legendary Grandpa's Garage. What a perfect ending to a fabulous day. 

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