Day 4

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It was a bittersweet day. I still had a few more adventures left, but it was my last day in Moab. I headed out early to beat the crowds at Arches National Park. 

The word is the line to get into the park can be a long wait. I decided to get there right when the park opened ~ 7am. 

Wow! Another Utah Jewel. The views were amazing. 

I stopped at each and every stop in the park with the exception of the last one, Devils Garden. It was closed because of road construction going on in the park. 

At the Delicate Arch stop, I was ready for the 3 mile round trip hike. After checking out the parking lot, I decided against it. There were 3 tour buses full of kids and people ready to make the hike. I don't do crowds very well.

I am glad I decided not to do this hike. I instead drove a mile up the road to a spot where I could see the Arch from over a canyon. As I sat by myself I could see the sea of people wondering around the Arch. 

The choice not to make that hike was a good one. The short little hike up a rocky hill was worth it. The peaceful, quiet by myself time, looking out at the beautiful scenes before me was amazing.  

I continued to drive on to the Sand Dune Arch. Very cool little spot, a sandy beach in between the fins. 

From there I continued on to the Broken Arch trail.

Then the best kept secret. A really cool hike to the lesser renowned trail to the Tapestry Arch

It was a peaceful, uncrowded hike through sandy trails up and down the slick rock.      

With Arches now complete it was time for a well deserved
lunch. So I headed back to Zax Pizza for an all you can eat pizza and salad. Plus my favorite, a raspberry martini. During lunch I received a call my boat tour was cancelled due to lack of interest. So I went for a drive along another Moab Scenic by-way ~ Utah 313. 

Utah 313, Potash Road, is a winding ride along the Colorado River. Gorgeous views of an incredible Red Rock Canyon. 

One of the highlights is Indian writing on the canyon walls. 

Then I finished the night off with some Mexican food and a Moab sized Sangria.

WOW! What an Amazing Adventure, one I will never forget and will make again!  

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