My Off-Roading Adventures

"Life is all about the journey, not the destination"

As I continued blogging I began forming new online friendships. I started connecting with like minded friends in groups like clean eating, fitness, photography, and of course all those different Jeep groups. 

I began to realize there is more to Jeeps than just the Jeep Wave. I started seeing Jeeps that certainly did not look like my Jeep. There were Jeeps of different eras and different models.There was a whole other world of Jeeps I never knew existed.  

I also discovered each Jeep had there own little personality, each for a different reason. I started researching and asking questions. So began my lessons about the world of Jeep Modification. 

I discovered Jeepers like to take pictures of their Jeeps, and not just pictures, but videos. This discovery opened up a whole new world on You Tube. 

Now comes the third point in time that helped forge my new path I was on. I began watching videos from a fellow Jeep enthusiast of his wheeling adventures on the Rubicon Trail in Northern California. 

Which by the way is tops on my bucket list -- to drive the Rubicon trail.

I was absolutely amazed at the abilities of the Jeep, and the beauty of being in nature. When I first started watching I had no idea I was about to be bit by the off-road addiction bug.  

But those videos started the snowball rolling down the mountain; looking back at my blog, this started on April 14, 2013

At first I just wanted to make modifications, so my Jeep was unique to me. I was tired of being Stock, just like everyone else. Then I started to look for places to go off-roading and found Rausch Creek Off-road park

Rausch Creek offered off-road training trail rides for beginners. So... began the next transition of myself and my blog -- Off-Roading and Jeep modifications.

I remember the excitement I felt the first time I pulled into the Rausch Creek Off-Road Park. That first time on the trails hooked me, and that excitement has not faded. My desire to hit the trails grows each time I am out on those rocky trails. Each time out is a different experience, and I learn new things. I look forward to more experiences on the trails, and can't wait to share them with you.

101 Instructional Trail Ride
First Time Off-Roading

201 Instructional Trail Ride 
with my new Wheeling Buddy

201 Instructional Trail Ride 
Lessons Learned

Women's Wheelin Day 
at Rausch Creek

BMJA Trail Ride 
First Time in My New Rubicon!!!

WInter Wheelin'
First time in the ice and snow

Hitting the Blue Trails
Stepping it up with a little tougher trails

Jeep Momma's Off Roading Videos

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