J4000 Build

 Meet Opie 1972 Jeep Pick Up J4000

Neil found this 1972 pickup in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. The owner had died several years ago and his spouse couldn't bear to part with it. The Jeep hadn't been started or moved since the day the man died. After many conversations the previous owners wife finally decided to let Neil bring this rare Jeep pick up back to life. Once again this rare gem is on the road again and our wheeling the San Juan mountains.

Built AMC 360
T98 4-Speed
Super 19 Transfer Case
NP205 Doubler
2009 Ford One Tons
Full cage
37" Nexen Roadian MTX Tires
York On Board Air Compressor
Dirt Logic Shocks
Quadratec Heated LED headlights
Quick Fuel Carb
Radiator Express Aluminum Radiator


Axle Swap

After -Still work in progress

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