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Miss Daisy 1991 YJ Jeep Wrangler

We rescued this Jeep from the tall weeds in a field outside a repair shop. We discovered she was traded for an outstanding bill from a repair job. They were happy we took her off their hands. We turned her into an Off-Road Weapon then tested her capabilities out in Kingman, Arizona on some pretty narly trails. She did better than expected by wheeling some of the difficult rocky terrain. Then we found her a new home in Colorado. I was sad to see her go but she had more adventures in her.

Jeep Momma & Neil YouTube Videos

Miss Daisy Mods
Custom Front Bumper, Barricade Trailforce HD Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier, Renegade Decals, SOA, RuffStuff Specialties ¾” Heim Joint Steering, New Tires, WJ Brake Upgrade, Interior Herculiner Bedliner, Cropped Fenders, Winch, New Shocks Quadratec Barricade Off-Road RuffStuff Specialties


This vintage Jeep was recued from Rodney the "9MileLoser". He is an old gear head with a vast collection of Vintage Automobiles. He graciously let us take BumbleeBee, and bring her back to life. We tested out her capabilities on the Rubicon Trail. She was holding her own until we got some bad gass from a rusted gas can and shut her engine down. She was rescued from the trail and now back up an running great. She is now in the great care of a young future Jeep Girl who is convinced the CJ5 is a transformer.

Jeep Momma & Neil YouTube Videos BumbleBee on the Rubicon Trail BumbleBee on Escalante Canyon

BumbleBee Mods

4.88 Axles w/power locks, Barricade Trailforce HD Front Bumper, Winch, Interior Herculiner Bedliner, New Off road tires, New Shocks, Custom Rubicon Rack in the Rear, Custom Off-Road Lights, Complete re-wire, Custom Skid Plate, Upgraded to a 2CG Carb, Hand Throttle Added

Opie - Neil decided to keep this one.  Click Here for Opie's Story

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