Day 2 - Moab

Day 2 in Moab started out with an unplanned stop.  A couple of days before I left for Moab, I found out another off-road lady was also in town the same time I was. Charlene Bower, with Bower MotorSports Media  and Ladies OffRoad Network, and I connected on facebook. We decided to meet for breakfast. 
A Must Stop For All Off-Roaders! 

The Moab Diner, an iconic Moab destination, turned out to be
a great spot for breakfast. Not only is the food and service fantastic, each table displays a different off-road company. Charlene and I sat at the Warn Industries table. We had an awesome conversation and decided to hook up again later that evening. Charlene offered to be my passenger during my Sunset Jeep Tour with Outlaw Jeep Tours. 

Everything Happens For A Reason! 

With my belly full it was time to head out. 
Next stop Dead Horse State Park, where immense vertical cliffs meet with canyons carved by ice and water. The views were phenomenal near the visitors center, and I wasn't even to the Dead Horse Point overlook yet! The point with the most spectacular views around! I decided to hike the East Rim Trail to the overlook. A moderate trail 1.5 miles to the overlook with continuous canyon views. ~ Amazing ~       

Jeep Momma Tip #2
There were a few times I was unsure of which way the trail
went. I had to ask a couple who was coming from the opposite direction. They pointed out the trail markers to me ~~ the stacked rocks. I had no idea. Once they were pointed out I saw them every where along my hike. I guess I was too busy looking at the breathtaking views to notice.  

Jeep Momma Tip #3
If you don't have time to hike to Dead Horse Point you can drive to it. 

Instead of taking the West Rim hike which was 2.5 miles, I just back tracked to the visitor's center. I wanted to hit another park before my evening Jeep ride. So off to Canyonlands National Park 

WOW! The views are just as spectacular! This park is vast with countless trails for hiking throughout canyons with fantastically formed buttes carved out by the Colorado River. 

One day I would love to come back to this park, and hike a few of their trails. For this trip there was just enough time to drive to each overlook, then spend a few minutes staring out across the canyons. Then it was on to my next adventure!   

I had a little time to fill before it was time to hit the off-road trails. So I found a taco place right next door to Outlaw Jeep Tours. I enjoyed some chicken tacos on the outside patio on Main Street in Moab. However, I was too anxious to eat, so after a few nibbles I just tried to relax and watch the Jeeps cruise up and down the street. 

Hell's Revenge Here I Come! 

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