My New Life Path

"Life is all about the journey, not the destination"

The Butterfly Effect: In the works of fiction this involves points in time at which a story line diverges during a minor event resulting in a significantly different outcome than would have occurred with out that small divergent in time.

There have been many precise moments in time, by several unknowing people, who have affected my story line. I can pinpoint those exact moments in my mind.

A Jeep dad on a camp out was the point in time that lead me to my Jeep. There were other small points that lead me down other paths ~ to Off-Road addiction to Jeep Modification, and to My Rubicon. 

Those started with my Jeep Momma Blog. This second point in time was at a neighborhood party when a friend of mine made a suggestion. She is a mom blogger, a good friend, and my across the street neighbor. It was one month after I bought my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - the Sahara Edition. I was constantly talking about my Jeep. I think I used the word Jeep in every sentence. I am sure I was driving my friends and family crazy. I was obsessed with my Jeep. I loved my Jeep. It was 24 hours of My Jeep.   

For that past year -- before Jeep -- I had been struggling... trying to figure out what to do with myself now that my boys did not need me as much. At the time I was a stay at home mom looking to branch out back into the workforce. My friend suggested I start a blog.  I just laughed at her and asked her about what? She said (and she was totally serious) you should blog about your Jeep and being a mom. 

That night when I got home, I immediately went to work. My first job was to find a name. By the way Jeep Momma was not my first choice, but it was the only Jeep and Mom related domain name left to use. So that night Jeep Momma was born, and I was on my way.  My next step was setting up accounts with all the different social media mediums like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google plus. Then it was time to start writing.

My blog began as a journal of sorts, as I tried to find my way through what some call a mid life crisis. I call it mid life changes, my new path, a new trail to take.  Some of us have many of these mid life changes, as we try to re-define our lives or look to new careers as this world constantly evolves and changes around us.

So on June 29th 2013 my new blog was posted. The first entry was titled I love my new Jeep.  The first couple of blog posts where about my Jeep, like my first accessories such as the rubber floor mats. I blogged about the necessary accessories needed for mom’s who drive a jeep, like a hat to keep your hair from blowing in your face when the top is down. 

I moved on -- getting groceries in my Jeep was no different than a minivan, and actually my Jeep became my Calgon take me away moment. Summer in the Jeep with the top down is necessary when you just need to get away from the stresses of being a mom. 

My blog started evolving as I did -- trying to find my way down this new path in life. I began to simplify my life by cutting out the things that took up my time, and no longer made me happy. I started getting healthy and fit by working out at the gym and running. I started to eat a cleaner, healthier diet. I created a bucket list for the first time, and I began a journey to find my passion and purpose. 

My blog consisted of healthy recipes, and getting fit tips, I wrote about being able to cross items off my bucket list like my journey to my first 10 K and a mud run. I started up my long lost passion of photography. 

Then began my search for my new passion and purpose. I found that new passion in my Jeep, and that new passion was in the world of off-roading. Which began as another small point in my life that sent me down another path.

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