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In the Fall of 2014, I became a member of the Jeep Talk Show Podcast. I even have two of my own segments
Wrangler Talk and Jeep Momma's Product Review. It has been a great journey.

My First time as a host Episode 158

My first interview -- Episode 151 

I love the conversations and camaraderie. I love learning new things about my Jeep from Tony and Josh, and even the listeners. I love to share my journey, as well as hope to inspire other Jeepers. We are now on nearing episode 300 which is a great feat.  If you haven't listened to the podcast you should check it out. Here is what you are missing. 

...You guys are awesome! You're engaging, funny, witty, entertaining and informative.... are very effective product endorsers and advertisers! I started listening to your show PRIOR to buying my Jeep. I was on the fence on which Wrangler to, buy but I can honestly say this: hearing Tammy talk about her Rubicon definitely had a MAJOR influence on my purchase decision and, ultimately, I ended up buying a brand new 2016 2-door Rubicon 
 ... I kept coming back to Metalcloak. I'm sure you can guess why...(Tammy!). 
...So far, I'm extremely happy with all of my JTS-influenced purchases so you guys are batting 1,000.   JEFF the show, the banter and the humor. Especially like the tech talks. I am going to hate getting caught up, as listening to the show really makes the day fly by. You guys (and lady) keep up the great work!  BEN 

...I have been binge listening to all the episodes at work for the last couple of weeks. I am almost caught up live. This show definitely makes the work day move faster. What's better than jeep talk all day!  MIKE

I started listening to it at work, find myself chuckling awkwardly in my cube. Anywhoo I like the show for several reasons. 
... Every now and again I pick up something new along the way. Thanks and keep up the good work. MICHAEL

...I love that Tammy, the newest to Jeeps, is the only one actually wheeling her jeep. The boys need to step it up and get those things off road. Tammy's enthusiasm really helps carry the show, and she is doing more to her jeep then both of the guys combined. You go girl!  CLINT 

...Listening from down under, keep up the great shows and fun info, it's like opening a box of chocolates each week STUART 

...I don't drive a Jeep (2016 Tacoma) but you have one of the best podcasts about Off Roading. ERIC

... Couldn't ask for anyone better to represent the jeep community! Keep up the great work. MATT

...Great show, very informative, good for the master mechanic and the beginner alike. Good place to go for motivation DUSTIN

I am featured on another Podcast ~~ 
Off Road Independence

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