Monday, July 1, 2013

Bestop Cleaning Products

When it comes to getting things done, I want it done now.  I don't have much patience for procrastination or waiting until later to complete a task. Well, in the case of cleaning my Jeep, my lack of patience was not a good thing. I should have done a little research before allowing my Jeep to be washed at the Boy Scout Car Wash fundraiser.  During my Google research, I found that Jeep Soft Tops are pretty delicate, and require special cleaning products.  Everyday soaps have oils in them that can damage the Soft Top. So - I went ahead and bought three products from BESTOP.

They were all pretty simple to use and took no time at all.  However remember my Jeep was only one week old when I applied the products so there wasn't much grease, dust or dirt to remove.  So far the Soft Top looks brand new, it is only about a month old. Time will tell how effective these products will be. 

Bestop Cleaner is specifically formulated for soft tops, molded or soft accessories and exterior or interior vinyl. It's suppose to safely remove the toughest soils and stains.

Bestop Protect is again specifically formulated for soft tops.... etc.  It's suppose to safely repel dust, grease and mildew.

 Bestop Clean is a Vinyl Window Cleaner again specifically formulated for Soft Top windows... etc.  Safely cleans and protects for unrivaled appearance and helps prevent UV damage.


Back on the Road (BotR) for my Next Adventure!
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