Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Boy Scout Adventure

I packed up my Jeep and we headed out.  Boy Scout Summer camp was our destination.  We decided to put the top down for the ride.  Well, a Jeep Mom is always prepared. Or is that a scout motto - Be Prepared.  Hmmm! When you have kids riding in your Jeep - a blanket is a good item to keep in your Jeep.

I truly enjoyed myself and I'm looking forward to camping with the boys again.  They were truly amazing to watch.

They can come together to do most anything.  They worked as a team to build fires and forts.

We saw really cool wildlife.

They got dirty.

They gave 5 star restaurants a run for their money. They made the best deserts -over an open fire- I've ever eaten. 

They slept under the stars in their hammocks or in the camp chairs by the fire.  Of course this Hammock City was set up right behind my tent.  I spent most nights getting to sleep with headphones in my ears. I think boys can out do girls when it comes to chit-chat. 

Of course the boys are pretty tech savvy too. Hammock City wouldn't be complete without Wi-Fi!

The adults did tech the old fashioned way.

We were able to share our favorite apps.  Which prompted a service project we started for the camp.  Online mapping of the Reservation. We will get to go back and map out the camp.

I was also able to conquer some fears, accomplish news things, and make new friends. 

I am deathly afraid of being in bodies of water I can't see below the surface.  But I did it! Will I be able to do it again?  Who knows.  But I did it once! 

I can now add to my mom's box of tricks - French braiding my own hair in the dark of night.

And the number one thing about summer camp for adults and boys alike is making new friends!

Even though I was out in the woods a mom's duties are never done. Balancing a checkbook can be done anywhere now-a-days.

All our meals were shared family style in the dining hall with the other troops at camp.  There was a lot of singing and chanting, lessons in manners and scouts learning clean up skills. We were able to enjoy one night of open fire cooking. I was selected to head down the mountain into town to get some much needed groceries for our one night of cooking over the fire. Now, I want you to know I wasn't selected for this job because of being the only mother.  I was selected for this job because I had the coolest vehicle!  Plus, I volunteered because I was having withdrawals.  I hadn't driven the Jeep in over 3 days.

It was nice to get home and into a hot bubble bath.  

But I will miss my time with my new scout friends and watching the boys open up and come out of their shells.  Watching scouts try new things. Watching scouts support and cheer each other on. All our little jokes, jibes, and contests.

The fresh air, running in the woods and late night dutch-oven deserts. And of course scary summer camp stories by the fire. (check out the next post on how I had Boy Scouts crying.)

My home away from home...Til next time.


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