Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bucket List: Updating

So about two weeks back I made a Jeep Mom's mini-bucket list.  I've been able to check some items off the list.  I've added a few things to the list too.

First I'll start with my additions to the list.

11. Start a training regiment
12. Sign up for Warrior Dash
13. Compete in Warrior Dash
14. Try a new Tex-Mex Restaurant
15. Take new friend to Tex-Mex Restaurant

 CHECK 1. Conquer my fear of jumping in a lake. 
I did it!! Sunday, July 28th. Will I do it again? Who knows, but I did it!
2. Conquer my fear of heights -- still working on this one.   
3. Off Roadin' in a Jeep -- Planning for Labor Day weekend!
4. Hike Old Rag  need I say more...
5. Run around the trails of Lake Courage -- I might have to wait until next summer on this one, if the Boy Scouts let me back in summer camp.
CHECK 6. Start up a new hobby.  And I pick biking. Got my new bike...So excited!
CHECK 7.  Camping at Swallow Falls -- What an awesome trip. Check out my previous blog post for pictures.    
 CHECK 8. Canoe with my Boys - Michael also went kayaking and now he wants a kayak for Christmas.

CHECK 9. Take my Boys Hiking - We had a blast and now we said we are going to do this at least once a month!
CHECK 10. Make a New Friend

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