Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jeep Topless Tips

As with anything in life you learn by your mistakes.  And as the Boy Scout motto goes, you must always "Be Prepared". 
When you have a Jeep you can't just put your top down, hop in and hit the road.  It takes a little more thought. So here are some tips I learned while "Going Topless in my Jeep".

Things I Learned Going Topless in My Jeep
1. When it's sunny out, make sure you keep sunscreen handy, and if you have no hair make sure you wear a hat.
2. Don't park under trees that are shedding their blooms.
3. Don't park under trees that have lots of birds hanging out in them.
4. When you are going 65 mph down the interstate and you have long hair, tie it back or put on a hat. There is a high potential you will go blind momentarily and crash.
5. When you bring your drink in the car make sure it has a lid that it secure. I prefer the purple plastic kind with a straw.
6. Anything you want to keep in your Jeep make sure it's tied down.
7. Leave No Trace is definitely a principal you should use for the inside of your Jeep.  You don't want that litter fine when trash goes sailing out the top.
8. When you have kids make sure there is a blanket for each of them.  Even when it's warm outside the back seats tend to get a little chilly for the little ones.
9. Spray your floor mats with bug spray.  Some say spiders like to spin their web inside your Jeep.  Fingers Crossed -- I haven't had this issue yet.
10. Get a spider shade... I've read anyways.  I am still researching this one. If I get one it will for sure be Viking Purple!
 Back on the Road (BotR) for my Next Adventure!
Happy Trails!

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