Friday, September 13, 2013

Simple Life Begins

Time flies by way to fast and we can't get that time back.  We sometimes get all wrapped up in the unimportant things - which at the time seem important - we are missing out on the truly important things. Like spending quality time with our families. 

Getting the Jeep was one of the best things we've done, because now we want to use it -- which means going places.  That means spending time with the family someplace other than at home in front of the computer.

So, this past summer I sat back and reflected on my life.  Realizing that I need to refocus my emphasis on what's truly important.  My health, my happiness and my family. In actually that order.  First we need to be healthy and happy with ourselves before we can be a good parent and partner.

So I decided it's time to make some changes.  In order to make room for those changes I needed to get back some of that time.  Well my first step

 -- Simplify my life.

There are lots of ways to do this without making big sacrifices.

Get rid of the clutter.  I went through my house room by room -- closet by closet and evaluated everything.  I asked myself - do I really need -and wear - all these clothes?  Will I really wear this someday? If I haven't worn it in a year I will most likely NEVER wear it. 
 So DONATED it! 

You would be amazed what you can really do without.  I donated books, clothes, toys, linens, and just plain stuff.

By getting rid of the clutter in your house, you get rid of it sub-consciously in your mind. You would be amazed at how much better you feel.
  • You feel happier
  • You find lost treasures
  • You feel calmer 
  • You inspire others - It definitely inspired my kids to de-clutter  
Did you know 80% of what we own we never use?  By getting rid of the clutter it also helps reduce housework by 40%. You save 55 minutes a day looking for stuff now that you are organized and clutter free.  That's a good 2 hours you just got back!  2 hours to spend with your family getting healthy and having fun!  
Here are some more ideas of what you can de-clutter in your home.
  • kitchen utensils
  • coffee mugs
  • plastic containers
  • vases
  • unread books
  • hardly used kitchen items
  • food (you'd be surprised at your expired food)
  • spices
  • magazines
  • paper - mail - old receipts
  • linens
  • electronics 
  • medicine
  • toys
  • clothes
So that was my first step in simplifying my life! De-Clutter my house and garage. My next post will tell you how I De-Cluttered mentally.
So now I'm in the de-clutter mode.  I'm off to find some more clutter in the house.  I bet I find a box full in just 30 minutes. 

    - Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! - The Jeep Life! - 

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