Monday, November 25, 2013

Bucket List: 10K Prep 2

My running team (Team Jeep) and I checked out the race route again this past weekend.  We ran the full 10K and then some.  The weather conditions we ran in Sunday should be similar to the ones we will run on race day. Very, very chilly and windy.  After the run, and during the run, I came up with some more items to put on my checklist.

10K Checklist continued

 Warmer gloves -- I'm also going to have to find some place to put my phone.  I need to keep my fingers moving or they will freeze off. I want my phone so I can get my split mile times.

Better Sunglasses - The sunglasses need to wrap around the sides of my eyes.  This is so they keep the wind out.  My eyes were watering on our run and I'm afraid of my contacts popping out.

Thermal dry-fit socks - I all ready had these but decided I didn't like the color.  So I went out to get some black ones to match my running pants. The running pants are also thermal and dry-fit. 

Race Day Number - I went and picked it up today! The weather is suppose to be pretty cold and there is snow in the forecast. I can only hope I am prepared.  

Bath Salts - This is one of the most important items for before the race and after the race. This will relax me for a good night's sleep the night before the race.  Then, when I get home I can hop in a nice hot bath to soak those achy, cold muscles.

So -- on the advice from an old friend -- I will keep my arms low, find a comfortable cadence and run like AP the last 100 yards -- and pray I will not freeze and finish the race. 

Back on the Road for my Next Adventure! Happy Trails!

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