Monday, December 23, 2013

Lifestyle Goals

Simplify My Life - Reduce Stress - Enjoy Life
     Well, it's getting to be that time of year again -- time to make those New Year's Resolutions. Every year it seems we make the same resolutions over and over again -- to lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more and, so on.  Mostly it's about getting healthy. By the end of January we've given up or forgotten all about the resolution. Well, no more of those resolutions that you will inevitably fail at. This year it's time to pick something you will succeed at.  That's what I decided to do -  I am going to Simplify My Life -- to make more time to Enjoy My Life. 
     This resolution has many benefits. When I simplifying my life, I will reduce stress, create more time for myself and my family, which will allow me to enjoy life and all those things I wanted to do but didn't have time. Studies show simple living helps alleviate tension-related reactions such as insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, neck and shoulder spasms, and chronic fatigue.
     Simplifying doesn't have to mean to do with out or be frugal. It could -- but it doesn't have to. Rather, it could mean to slow down and live a more balanced, deliberate, and thoughtful life.
      Here is my list of ideas on how you can Simplify Your Life . This resolution can be modified to each individual.  However you choose to simplify your life, remember that simplicity is not about poverty or deprivation, but creating a stress free life. 

 Tips to Simplify Your Life
Clear the Clutter - This is one of the biggest creators of stress in your life.  We all tend to have too much.  Go through each room, closest, drawer and evaluate what you have.  Do you really need it? Can you do with out? Then get rid of it.   
Automate - online banking, shopping, post office.  This limits post office drop-offs, reduces time and money spent on stamps and licking envelopes. Saves time spent standing in lines.
Reduce Debt - This is another big stressors in our life.  When we create a strict budget, stick to it and start paying off the debt we feel we've accomplished something. 
Disconnect turn off your cell phone when you don't want to be interrupted. Don't take a cell phone to an appointment or when you are focusing on someone else.   Don't give out your cell phone number. Use it only for outgoing calls.  Screen calls by using caller ID.   Use the "delete" option -- early and often. Arrange for calls from the office only in cases of emergency. Let voice mail take your calls.
Work Free Vacations   
Reduce Information overloadBeing flooded with stimuli is a tremendous source of stress. Limit the amount of information you expose yourself.
Shed Activities - Make a list of your (and your kids) activities - prioritize your to-do list and shed those that are no longer fun or serve a purpose in your life.
Negative Relationships -- Cut out (or minimize) relationships that cause you stress.
Nurture Relationships - nurture the people who make you feel good and laugh.  Invite them to lunch, send a nice note, invite them to hang out. 
Live within your means

Unsubscribe from junk emails

Learn to say No when asked to do something you really don’t want to do.
Delegate - Don't try to do it all.  Share the workload at home and work by asking for help.
Shop/Cook - Dedicate one night a week to plan and prep for the weeks meals & school lunches. 

Clean out your Garage

Create a Family Calendar 

Organize your medicine Cabinet  

Run your errands during the week not on Saturdays.

Plan time for yourself everyday.

     Even if you do just one of these next year you will be better off than last year. Most of these things I've all ready started to do and it feels great.  I'm looking forward to start checking off those bucket list items because of all the free time I will create!

Jeep -- It's not Just an Adventure! 
It's a Good Life.

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