Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Topless in the Polar Vortex!

Let me interrupt this regularly scheduled blog for an important message! 

Today my plan was to write about my adding clean eating to my resolution of living simple and enjoying life.  Instead, I need to share my thoughts about these arctic cold temperatures that are engulfing the US.  First off, yes it's cold. It's bitterly, cold  And yes, it dangerously cold.  But, should we all curl up and remain in the confines of our toasty, heated homes.  NO!  While I would love to spend another day with my kids sitting by the fire, life must go on. 

It seems the mass majority -- or just the vocal minority --believe the leaders here should have cancelled school because it's too cold and some might not be prepared. Well, I disagree. First off parents, and kids, have had time to prepare for the cold.  It's been leading the news for days -- we've been inundated with cold weather stories giving us cold weather safety tips. If you haven't gone out to buy a hat, gloves, and a scarf by now, well it's your own fault.  Some may say -- there are less fortunate that can't afford to purchase these items.  Well these poor, poor folks.  Maybe they could call someone on their iPhone to complain too.  Or maybe take a jog in their $200 shoes to the nearest "warming shelter". 

Don't get me wrong, I worry about my kids.  I constantly worry about my kids --  are they too hot? too cold? -- are they hungry? -- are they being bullied? -- are they going to get hurt? It's our job as parents to worry about our kids and look out for them.  And at the same time we need to prepare them for life in this big, bad world.  We need to teach them how to be prepared, push through life and to be smart about it.  It isn't easy and sometimes life gets tough.  But every time things look like it may be a little too difficult, they can't just take the day off and sit at home.  I want my kids to be prepared for what life AND what mother nature is going to throw at them.  So as a parent it's my job to prepare them.  If I can survive 21 years of North Dakota winters unscathed, I'm sure my kids will survive one or two days of the bone chilling cold -- if I give them the tools they need. Both my kids have coats, hats, gloves and long johns.  Both left the house with them on and they will survive.  

It's about being prepared AND being smart.  Should the kids be outside for 30 minutes of recess, NO. Should we let them play football outside after school, NO. Should they man their outside patrol post, probably not. Are they okay to wait a couple of minutes for the bus, Yes.  But maybe we should take them and wait with them in our cars.  Can they walk from the car or bus into the school, Yes.  I even think, if they are properly dressed, they could walk a couple of blocks home. I did it -- and I didn't even have this extra level of fat from all the over processed food our kids now eat -- oh don't get me started on that!

Okay so now I'll get off my soap box.  For all my friends who disagree with me -- I still love you, I just hope you still love me too. 

Now you are all thinking -- yeah she is writing this from the confines of her toasty, warm home. Yes I am, but earlier I took my mom to the airport and decided it was such a sunny day out I would take the top down. Of course I was prepared! It's all about layers! Warm Layers!

And being smart.  I just drove for a couple of minutes in the neighborhood.  It wasn't actually that bad.  Jeeps are built for toughness & the outdoors!  I was born in Minnesota and was built for toughness & the outdoors! But seriously a little more than a couple of minutes with the top down would just be stupid.  It's all about being prepared and being smart!

Jeep -- It's not Just an Adventure! It's a Good Life.

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