Monday, April 28, 2014


I always seem to miss out on the cool stuff -- like having a cellphone in high school or the Internet in college. That would have made my life a little bit easier back then. Well, I just found another cool invention that I missed out on the great benefits.


A mom friend and founder of MyBuckleMate, Meghan Khaitan, sent me one to take for a test drive in my JeepI only wish I had one of these about 14 years ago when my kids where smaller and in booster seats. It would have made getting in and out of the car easier with a toddler. However, I went ahead and installed it in the back seat. I wanted to see if my kids would like it. Now that they are older they get buckled in by themselves. Sometimes we have to wait while they struggle to get buckled or find the buckle. But not now.

It was so simple to install
Easy as 1, 2, 3!
Just remove the MyBuckleMate from the package.

Press the latch and pull apart until it disengages.

Lift up the buckle and slide MyBuckleMate around each side.

Push the two sides together until they click securely into one another and Presto you are done!


But will the kids like it?

After installing MyBuckleMate, which took about 5 minutes max, I went to pick up my youngest and his friends at school. I wanted to see how they liked it. 

"There's no struggling with the buckle!"
"It's so cool I can do it with one hand!"
"Now I can find the buckle and don't have to look between the seats!"

  • Helps kids in booster seats
  • Helps adults with limited mobility and arthritis
  • Keeps the buckle from falling between the seats
  • Keeps the buckle from getting wedged under the booster seats
MyBuckleMate makes seat belt buckling simple and easy. Now, I can get out on the road quicker and feel the wind in my hair and sun on my face! No more waiting to find lost seat belt buckles! We like it so much we are ordering another set for the Chevy Avalanche.

Check out for more on this product and to order yours! 

Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -- 
-- The Jeep Momma Way! --

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