Monday, April 14, 2014

To Mod or Not to Mod

Ever since I got my Jeep everyone keeps giving me suggestions on how to "mod" it. 

 "Mod" means modify in case you didn't know. 

Everything from a lift kit and new tires to a new bumper. My son wants me to get rid of the fenders so my Jeep will look Beast-Mode.

I've been checking out a lot of places where we can take the Jeep off roadin'. There are some really great spots. We could go camping at Assateague State Park. There are sections of beachfront we can drive on. There are dirt trails in the mountains. There are creek beds and muddy trails as well. But the coolest I've seen is Rock Crawlin'. Check out this link for some pretty awesome videos out of Northern California. I saw these videos and would love to take my Jeep out there.

But if I want to go out on most any of these trails I would need to make some changes to my Jeep. If I want to go Rock Crawling I would need to make major changes. Now, I have to ask myself many questions. Making these kind of changes to my Jeep can cost thousands of dollars. Spending that kind of money would mean a committment to the hobby. I also need to look at the facts. My Jeep is our family car. We take it to the grocery store and to school. It's only a year old and still not paid off. So taking it out on the trails or rock crawling could be risky.

Some questions: Do we have spare money to mod the Jeep? How often would I have time to go out on the trails? Would I have the oportunity to go Rock Crawling? If I lifted the Jeep would it fit in the garage?

So as I sit and ponder these questions I still have the itch to get out on the trails. Especially those mountainous rocky ones. So maybe I can convince the group in Northern California to give this Maryland Jeep family a sneak peak into their Rock Crawlin' adventures. We can throw our tent into the back of the Jeep and head out on the road. It would be like one of those family vactions at a dude ranch but we are crawlin' on rocks in Jeeps instead of riding horses on a trail. We like the outdoors -- nights sleeping under the stars and warm sunny California days in the mountians crawlin' on trails. We could even bring the hot dogs and smores.

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-- The Jeep Momma Way! --

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