Monday, May 5, 2014

Bucket List: Warrior Dash Countdown

My theme for this week seems to be lists. I'm working on several of them right now. Actually - I would say I am the Queen of Lists -- grocery list, to do lists, Honey-do list and the list goes on. But this week I have started three new lists.

First, my Bucket List, which is a continually growing list. It will be a list I will never complete because I'll constantly be adding to it. I also have my 'Jeep Needs' list which I will seek out advice for later once I take my off roadin' driving lessons. But, right now the most important list is my Checklist for the Warrior Dash. I started checking things off the other day and will continue up until the race.

It takes a lot to get ready for a road race. I have only run one. That was last November. But the Warrior Dash isn't your typical road race. I will be running AND crawling in mud, treading through water, jumping over fire and climbing walls. 

I have kept up my running --three miles three times a week and I lift weights at the gym three times a week. But I will need a little bit more prep for this race. So, I went searching online for tips from former runners. Then, I made a checklist. I will spend the week checking items off the list.  

First -- 

Weight Lifting Gloves - It will help me when using the rope to climb up and over the wall. I went to Dick's on Sunday and bought a pair. Of course I had to have the purple ones - my favorite color. They also had extra leather in the grip which hopefully will help when pulling myself up. I will have to carry them in a plastic bag to keep them dry and mud-free.

Running clothes -  I had to go out and buy some new ones. Everyone said do NOT wear loose fitting clothes -- for two reasons. One is you don't want your clothes getting caught on the barbwire or other obstacles. Second, you don't want your clothes collecting extra mud and weighing you down when you run or are crawling. I also went with dry-fit since I most likely will be getting wet. I couldn't decide on the color shirt so I bought two. I think I will go with the orange so my family can see me better from the spectator area.

Once I bought the new clothes I had to try them out to make sure they wouldn't bother me when I ran. I did that today. It felt good to finally run in shorts. I just hope that it's warm enough on Saturday. I normally don't run on Mondays as it's my weight lifting day but I also wanted to see how fast I could run a mile. Woot Woot! I ran a mile under 9 minutes. Pretty good. But not good enough to qualify myself for the World Championship Warrior Dash in October in Northern California.  Oh well... My goal is to finish the race and to at least attempt each obstacle.

Some other things I read I will need.
garbage bags - duct tape - baby wipes - towels - cheap sunglasses - old shoes - extra clothes. 

So along with continuing to stick to my normal workout and eating routine I will start collecting those items. Plus hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Which starts today!

-- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -- The Jeep Momma Way --

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