Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 2 of my Jeep Fund Journey

My plan to save money for my Jeep fund went into full swing yesterday. I have two goals in mind.

Goal #1  Save enough money to fly out to Northern California to ride the Rubicon Trail in a rented Jeep. This is one of my bucket list items. Yes, it would be cool to do this in my own Jeep but for me that is an unrealistic expectation living on the other coast with a stock Jeep. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. So the best way is to get with an outfitter.

Goal #2  Save enough money to modify my Jeep. My first thought was to get a recovery front bumper. I have gotten a lot of comments and suggestions. I would like to thank everyone for their input. But now I'm wavering on this modification. Again it boils down to my off road lifestyle I want to lead. Will I really need and use a winch. Most likely not. I'm a really good driver and wouldn't get stuck! HAHA! Seriously. How often would I need to use a winch? But... I really, really like the looks of some of those bumpers. I want my Jeep to be unique to my personality. If I don't do a lot of off roading do I need a different front bumper? Will my stock bumper suffice? But I like the look of the other bumpers.  

So bumper it is. Winch maybe not. We will see.

Well, as I said my plan is in full swing. I have several items up for sale on Ebay. I have many more waiting in the wings to list for auction. I was also able to convince my kids it's time to sell the bins and bins of Legos. We struck a good deal and it looks like I found my job for the next couple of months ~ Lego builder. I will be putting together Legos and selling them on eBay. Most of the money going into the Jeep Fund.

Thanks to all the great advice and suggestions on the bumpers. I will be doing some more research  to find the right fit for my Jeep and my needs.

-- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -The Jeep Momma Way --

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