Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My first Mod or Rubicon Trail Ride

Many of you know I have a bucket list, right? One of the items on that bucket list is to head out to Northern California to ride the Rubicon Trail. Well, in my little... itty... bitty... stock Jeep that would be difficult to do. I don't think she could make it over those trails. Plus, the drive out and back across the country would be quite a bit of gas money. It would be cheaper to fly. So I looked into it and found an outfitter that will take me out onto the Rubicon Trail for the day for $600.

So my saving plan began. So far I have $700 saved. $100 from a blog event I attended. All I had to do was post on social media and I got a check. Then my husband and I went and listened to a timeshare pitch while on vacation. I got another $100. Plus saving a little here and there.

But now my dilemma -- Sigh -- Do I keep saving for my trip or use the money to make my first modification to my Jeep. After much research and reading about other Jeeper's experiences I found my best route is to start with recovery equipment. So for Mother's Day my family bought me some recovery gear. Now it's time for a recovery front bumper with a winch. So I've been researching. I've narrowed it down to four bumpers.

   Rampage Recovery Style Front Bumper (88510) 

$600 on eBay or Amazon

 Warn Elite Series Front Bumper with Grille Guard (87750) $734 on Quadratec.com

Quadrate Q Series Winch in black w/smittybuilt XRC M.O.D Front Bumper w/Full End Caps (12051.244.X.A.) $790 on Quadratec.com

Rampage Products Front Recovery Bumper (121221.100X) $595 on Quadratec.com

So I guess I have two dilemma's now. Rubicon Trail vs. Bumper -- and now --- which bumper?


I have decided I want both!!! With determination and creativity I will do it. Here's my plan... 

Since Jeep parts and Jeep trips are not a necessity for a family of four, I need to be very creative when saving my money. I am trying to find a job but that is very difficult especially for someone who hasn't been in circulation for 15 years. So my dilemma... How do I save this money?

EBAY!  I now have some running clothes and jeans that are too big for me. Instead of giving them to charity I will eBay them. I also have a pair of expensive running shoes I don't like so why not make a few bucks.

My birthday is fast approaching so maybe I can talk my family into a Jeep bumper as my gift.

So begins my journey to hit the Rubicon Trail and start my Jeep modifications. 
Follow me on this journey as I save for my new bumper. I will post my first auction today and then begin looking for more ways to earn and save Jeep money. I would love to hear your suggestions on ways to make an extra buck. 

AND.... What are your thoughts on my choice of bumpers?

     -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -The Jeep Momma Way --

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