Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jeep Addiction

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions -- There are just so many options out there when it comes to Jeep parts, I just don't know what to do sometimes. It's not just what parts to choose and what order to buy them but the ramifications of the modifications I make.

For example -- If I do a 2.5 lift with 33's then will my Jeep fit into the garage. If my Jeep won't fit in the garage, what does that mean to our family? I use the Jeep to take my kids to their activities. I use the Jeep to go grocery shopping. Do I want to haul the groceries in the pouring rain or dead of winter from the driveway because my Jeep won't fit in the garage? But at the same time I really, really want to be able to get a little more adventerous when off roading and the places I can go. And of course image! I want a cool looking Jeep. Not that my Jeep isn't cool now... but a beast mode Jeep would be even cooler!  

Here's my current clearance when the top is folded but not all the way down. 

It's a pretty tight fit.


Here's what my clearance is when my top up or folded all the way down. It looks like I have about four inches but maybe we could squeeze some more clearance out if we adjusted the garage door.

So.... if I did do a 2.5 lift and added 33's then how much added height would that be to my Jeep?

I was curious as to what size my tires are now. I looked on the tires themselves but had a hard time trying to find a number that matched the number 28 or 31 or 33. A friend said take a level and put it on top of the tire and measure from the ground up. If I did it right it looks like 31.5.  So does that mean I'll add another 2 inches in the tires and 2.5 inches in the lift?  Maybe we could adjust the garage door.  I guess we will have to call Billy's Doors to give us an estimate. 


If I did the lift and tires then what does that mean for the fenders?  Will I have to replace them? -- Which I want to do anyways.  I was thinking of replacing them now but my son tells me it will look stupid with the stock tires. And.... Well...  I don't want my Jeep to look stupid.

Well then ... Maybe I just stick to my original plan and get rock sliders for now and continue saving for the whole package of a lift, tires and fenders all at once. Some folks tell me why even bother with the rock sliders or rocker guards or rock rails... since I'm not going to do a lot of rock crawling. Plus, it could be hard to get in and out of the Jeep in the winter trying to use it as a step. So the past couple of days I noticed, I don't even use the current step.  I can just jump on into the Jeep without the step -- cause I'm cool like that.

I've also been told don't bother getting sliders without the lift because you will ding it up with the little clearance I have with my stock Jeep. But aren't dings and scratches on your Jeep kinda like Jeep tattoos?  I like tattoos you know.

But then if I do the lift and tires will I have to add other things like gears, spacers and all those other things I'm just now trying to figure out?

So.... Now on to option... Hmmm is it option D or F or maybe I'm at Z now.

Let's just say option C -- another friend suggested I just get coils and springs.  Well, now I'm going to have to hit the internet and google and see what that means.

But truthfully folks I usually struggle a lot with what to do but in the end I just do what I wanted to do in the first place. So I might be back in my lawn chair pretty soon waiting for the Big Brown truck!  Stay tuned because I have enough money to make a purchase and I'm am definitely not a very patient person.

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         -- The Jeep Momma Way --

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