Friday, August 29, 2014

Next Steps - Modifications

Well, I think I've decided what I want to do with my Jeep.  But remember ~~ I am a woman so I have the right to change my mind... again and again and again.  But for right now, I think I might -- now I say I might -- go with a 2.5 lift and 35's. I figure I basically all ready have 32's so what's the point of 33's. My son would also like to get rid of the fenders and having 33's he said would look stupid. And doesn't a teen aged boy know best about the look of a cool Jeep.  

Now, I just have to sort out this whole "is the garage big enough to fit the Jeep if it's lifted and with those bigger tires". Then, I have to start researching tires and wheels and lifts. I know absolutely nothing about any of that stuff. I just figured out there is a difference between a tire and a wheel ~~ Who knew. 

Then... It's time to start saving money. I'm running out of Lego's to sell so getting a job is going to be imperative.   

I went out to measure the clearance of our garage. Right now where the garage door sits currently, I have about 77.5 inches to work with. If we can somehow adjust the garage door I would have about four more inches to work with. 

A fellow Jeeper who has 33's and a 2.5 lift measured his Jeep and it was 75.5 inches. Hmmm that's gonna be a tight fit.  If the Jeep doesn't fit will I want to make the sacrifice and turn the garage over to the Chevy Avalanche?

I guess I will have time to think about that. 

But for now I still have some of my hard earned Lego money. So I'm going to do a little window shopping. I headed back over to Extreme Terrain where I got my Barricade Trail Force HD bumper. I figured since I really, really like my bumper and I didn't have to wait long to get it I might as well start there. 

Now, the question becomes what do I get next? The matching rear bumper? 

Barricade Trail Force HD Rear Bumper  

Or do I go with Rock sliders? Some folks tell me what's the point if I'm not going to be doing any rock crawling. Well, some day I hope to, but yeah not in the near future. Plus they say, I might have a hard time getting in and out of my Jeep in the winter with them. Well like I said before I don't even use the plastic side steps now. For me it's about preparing for someday and of course... the main reason... the look!

I like the look of both these



The JCR 4 Door Classic Rock Sliders 

The thing is one works with the factory Rubicon Rails and one doesn't. But I don't have a Rubicon. My Jeep is the Sahara Unlimited. I'm not sure if that will matter either way for me. Something else to research.  So I will continue to window shop and hopefully will make up my mind and have something new to add to the Jeep before I head back up to Rausch Creek in 2 weeks. I'll be taking the 201 Driving course. I can't wait!

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