Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jeep Pet Peeves

I haven't been a Jeep Wrangler owner very long -- just over a year. But I feel I have earned the right to vent about my pet peeves when it comes to what other Jeep drivers are doing -- or NOT doing.

Now just because I don't like it doesn't mean it's wrong (Haha- yep secretly I'm thinking it's wrong). We all have our own opinions and that's the great thing about living in America  ~~ we have the freedom of speech. So this post is going to be about a few things that just bug me when it comes to seeing other Jeepers on the road.  And honestly I don't think they should be allowed to drive their Jeeps anymore when they make these infractions. There's a code ~~ You know ~~ when you become a Jeep owner ~~ a special code that you should follow. It's like a "band of brothers - sisters and moms". You become part of a special group of people ~ A Family ~ and we all must keep the tradition alive.  

Now with Jeep setting record sales gobally there are more and more Jeepers on the road. We need to get the word out to these folks about the code - The Jeep Code -- driving the Jeep affords special privilages you must abide by. 

Automotive News 

1. The Jeep Wave

The moment you drive your new Jeep off the dealership's lot you are expected to uphold this code. Anytime you drive past another Jeeper you should initiate a wave or at the very least wave back if waved at! I found this link on the internet that can give you some more details. 

In my humble opinion if you aren't going to wave just take that Jeep back to the dealer and trade it in for a Prius! We don't want you on the road giving the rest of us a bad name. 

The Jeep Wave

2. Hard Tops on in the Summer 

Really ??? Why did you buy a Wrangler in the first place if you are going to leave your hard top on in the summer. I didn't even bother with the hard top version I went straight for the soft top. I will even put the soft top down at a moments notice -- when the mood strikes, which is a lot -- even in the cold of winter.  

3. Rubicons Left Stock

Really ???  why did you buy it in the first place. Now -- I will give you the benefit of the doubt on this one... I know you spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to get your Rubicon and modifying it won't be cheap. So, I will just keep on playing ignorant and assume you have spent all your money on getting the Rubicon. Now you are saving your money for the modifications. 

Looking back I wish I would have bought the Rubicon! Once I hit those trails I became addicted. Now I sit around and wait for the Big Brown Truck.

Yep Jeep Parts... My life's new conflict... What part to get next. My oldest son said it's simple. I just looked at him hoping for the answer. He said don't buy anymore Jeep Parts and buy stuff for your kids. I just looked at him and laughed at his really, really funny joke. 

Jeep Parts my new life's dilemma ~~ Stay tuned for my next post ~~ I'm going to need your help.

         -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -The Jeep Momma Way --

Disclaimer: This post was meant in fun and was not intended to hurt any ones feelings.

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