Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Barricade Rock Slider Install Part #2

NOTE: My comments in green are from today January 19, 2017.
When I was notified by ExtremeTerrain that my Barricade Rock Sliders where shipped I
was so pumped. I couldn't control my excitement for my new Jeep "make-over". I shared it with all my mom friends too. They would give me those "are you for real" looks, (I still get those looks) but at the same time they smile nicely, and listen to my enthusiastic Jeep talk. I know it was all foreign to them, a lot of people don't understand what my hype is all about. (Now I share those stories on the Jeep Talk Show Podcast)

I can't even begin to explain it myself, only a true Jeeper really understands. For me I guess I have mastered cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework checking and well -- you get the picture. It is now time to add a new skill to my skill set -- to conquer and accomplish something I have never done before -- maybe even learn a new trade. Why not have it be a skill that has something to do with something that gives me so much joy.

I was determined to install the Barricade Rock Sliders by myself. I have seen many others do it, so I was up for the challenge.

Once the stock side steps and body mounts 
            (September 22, 2014 Blog Post) 
were off it was time for step two of my install. Each slider weighs about 50 pounds so I was a little nervous I wouldn't be able to man handle the powder coated, hard tubular steel. But I knew it was possible after watching posted videos of other installs. 

I looked around the garage for something
to hold up the heavy steel sliders while I attached them to the Jeep. (I now have floor jacks)

It was quite hard since our garage is mostly made up of soccer balls and bikes. (I now have my own tool box and tools. I even have my own "Work Bench") This is were the resourcefulness of a mom comes in handy.

I grabbed the rolled up garden hose I bought a couple of weeks ago and an old paint bucket. I lined up the sliders to the body mounts on the Jeep and started the attachment process. 

But first, I needed to get the body mount washers to drop into the round hole of the attachment point of the slider rail. UGH!! It was millimeters off.  I don't own a grinder nor do I know anyone who does. (I know how to use one now and have. I work for a metal fabrication company making elevator cabs). I was heartbroken I wouldn't be able to finish my install that day.

Trying to figure out a solution, my husband said get the hammer. Of course that's his answer to fixing everything. BAM! BAM! A hammer seems to be the answer for most men. 

Well guess what --- shhhhh! Don't tell anyone I admitted this -- he was right. Except it wasn't a BAM! BAM! It was more of a gentle, tap, tap -- Bing it was in.  

I was able to get the first bolt into place, and it started to tighten. Yeah Me!  It was working. Then came the next bolts.

 I slide my legs under the slider, and held it up with all my might and started turning the ratchet again. But then... the spinning and spinning and spinning started to happen again. Thank goodness the kids were still at school because you would have thought a pirate was working in our garage. 
I double checked I had my rights and lefts correct, but it still was spinning and spinning. I headed into the house to get my husband. 

After checking over my work he informed me with the kind of bolts the body mounts were, there needed to be weight pulling down on them to be able to screw them back up into the nut. Who knew! -- I sure didn't. Well know I do!  

The rest was pretty simple -- a couple of turns of the ratchet and they were done. Of course I caught my husband later under my Jeep with the ratchet checking over my work. (He doesn't check my work anymore because I'm Da Boss :) when it comes to my Jeep work.)  But if I say so myself I did a pretty good job after a lot of trial and error, and a few slips of the tongue. 

Now it's time to check them out on the trails.(These rock sliders are amazing and have saved my Jeep several times!)  It looks like I'll have to head back up to Rausch Creek for another Jeep adventure. I heard there's a Ladies only Jeep Trail Ride. (Women's Wheelin Day is one of my favorites and I have attended three of them so far.) 2016 Women's Wheeling Day Post 
2015 Women's Wheeling Day Post wheeling the Clayton Off-Road Jeep.
Sounds right up my alley! I can't wait. I just hope my "mommy" schedule can fit in some weekend wheelin' soon. My palms are getting a little "twitchy".

         -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -- The Jeep Momma Way --  

 ExtremeTerrain provided the rock sliders for review. No additional compensation received. 
All opinions are my own.

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