Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Next Upgrade Hits a Bump in the Road

Front Bumper -- with good recovery points -- CHECK!  Now I can rescue anyone who gets stuck. 

Rock Sliders -- super strong steel -- CHECK! Now I don't need to worry so much about the low clearance (for now) of my Jeep.

So now -- what's next for my Jeep? 
I had a plan, but I have run into a roadblock. I was going to change my fenders. 
Well.. that was going to be my next project -- to start searching for the look I wanted for my Jeep. Now it has come to my attention that Maryland has fender laws. The whole -- entire -- tire MUST be covered by the fender. 

So -- Does that mean I need to figure out my tires first?  Plus, I read Maryland has lift laws as well - two inches max. However, that was just on some random website. So I am going to head out to the inspection station to get the full details. 

I am leaning toward a 2.5 inch lift with 33's --- maybe -- I said maybe 35's.  35's are still up in the air because of all the different opinions on how they run on the roads and the weight it might add to my tailgate.

So it looks like I need some advice. What are your thoughts about my fenders? Which ones do your prefer? Where do I go next? 

I'm going to spend the next week or so searching around just to see if there is a particular style I like. 

In the meantime enjoy your weekend in your Jeep. I know I will. It's time to make most of this cool fall weather with the top down before the Arctic blast blows upon us. 

                    -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -- The Jeep Momma Way --  

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