Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stupid Jeep Modifications

Well, I've begun the true transformation of my Jeep.   It was a scary decision to make at first, but now the snowball has begun rolling down the hill. I'm so ready and excited for my next change. 

Fellow Jeepers say, it's always a work in progress. A project that never ends. It is on going and constantly draining your bank account. But it's a fun project to work on... A fun project to research... a fun project to share.  And along the way you meet some great people who share the same love you have.

In my research I've come across several posts on Jeep forums about the stupid modifications people make to their Jeeps. I was going to write a post on just that topic myself when I came across a comment on the Jeepedin.com website.  Joey wrote, "it seems like people who buy a jeep make it art of their life. Almost caring for it like a child to an extent..."

So I sat and thought about his comment. I realized nothing anyone does to their Jeep is stupid. It's all a personal preference. Someones Jeep is their own personal art canvas. While we all may not like one particular brand of someones #JeepArt ~~ it's still a form of art or their personal preference.

Now, we don't always have to like someone else's modifications ~~ their #JeepArt ~~ to their Jeep.  We can even say it looks bad -- it's all a matter of opinion.  I just need to remember my Jeep is for me. The transformations I make to my Jeep are to make me happy not everyone else.

So, if I want to make my D-rings purple -- hey it's my art canvas. It doesn't matter that making them purple does nothing to their effectiveness. It's all about what makes me smile when I look at my Jeep.  

But there are things I will never add to or change on my Jeep. 

Chrome -- It's not for rugged off road vehicles but meant for fancy cars.
Undercarriage Light kit -- Really this is just plain stupid ;-) and illegal!
My kid is on the honor roll bumper sticker -- I know my kid is smart and he knows he's smart that's all that matters. I don't need to brag about it. 
Stick Family stickers -- These stickers are very annoying ~~ and stupid ;-) and it seems every soccer mom's minivan is sporting them on the back window.  Well if it's something that everyone does -- I usually shy away from it. I'm not one who likes to join the crowd. Unless it's a crowd of Jeeps heading down a rocky road!

"Art of their Life"  = #JeepArt  It's your own personal preference. Transform your Jeep for you and your needs. It's nice to find out about other people's experiences but in the end you are the one driving your Jeep daily.   

               -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -The Jeep Momma Way --


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