Monday, October 13, 2014

Quadretec Tent Sale

Saturday morning bright and early I hopped into my Jeep and headed North. The butterflies were fluttering in my stomach because I was entering unknown territory.  A world foreign to me. But luckily as I neared my destination I received a message that a fellow Jeeper had all ready arrived at said location. Oh wait -- did I forget to mention where I was headed.  Oh yeah --  I guess I did -- oops.  

The 9th annual Quadratec Tent Sale in West Chester, Pennsylvania. When I pulled up I was in awe. It was like I had reached heaven. There must have been hundreds of Jeeps parked in lots and along the roadways. As I was walking to the tent sale admiring the beauty that surrounded me I almost ran into a sign. 

Finally, I reached the many tents that I knew would be full of jeep stuff for sale. But I didn't know how crazed it would be. But thankfully I had someone to guide me through the process.  The items for sale -- at an extremely discounted price -- would be set out on tables. Once everything was placed on the tables -- bumpers, tube doors, sliders and more -- the crowds were released. Then you would grab what you wanted. I've never seen anything like it. Normally at these type of shopping events you would get fighting, yelling and arguments. But not with Jeepers. Everyone was polite and kind. It was an amazing thing to see. It restored my faith in humanity. #JeepHumanity

Well, my friend walked away with a really cool rear bumper for $200. Me -- nothing. But that's okay --  because my goal was the experience of the event and to network with the vendors -- Which I did. Next time, I will prepare a little better and have a shopping list. I just didn't know what to expect. Of course -- when I got home I remembered some things I wanted to get. So I went online to and ordered them. So I guess in the end I didn't come home empty handed. Now I get to wait for the Big Brown Truck --  Christmas in October!   Plus, the best part was connecting with a Jeep friend!

Simple Living - Enjoying Life -- The Jeep Momma Way!

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