Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Purple Accessories

To know me is to know I don't want to be like everyone else. I certainly don't want my Jeep to be like every other black Wrangler. Slowly I'm making it my own unique Jeep.  

To know me is to also know my favorite color is purple. I have been trying to find ways to add purple to my Jeep. Some Jeepers I met had their red Jeep grille bedlined black. It looked really awesome. The main reason they bedlined it was to protect it.  So I called the company who did their grille. Good News!!! They can do purple.  Bad News. It's twice as much money and will eventually fade.  So I don't think I want to spend $400 to color my grill purple when in six months it will turn white.

Oh... so back to the drawing board. But wait -- as I was looking through a Jeep parts magazines I noticed aluminum grille inserts. Hmmmm what if I could paint them purple.

I wonder it that would work. What are these grille inserts for anyways? Has anyone ever painted them? Looks like I have some research to do.

Oh but look at these! I want!!!! Now I'm on a mission.  Guess what -- this Jeep is for sale right in my own backyard. Looks like I'll be giving them a call.

                   Simple Living - Enjoying Life -- The Jeep Momma Way!


  1. I can’t find these! Can you post the actual link?

    1. They only come in certain colors. Not purple. I had mine powdercoated.



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