Monday, October 6, 2014

Found My Passion

Last February, one of my blog posts was about trying to find my passion and a purpose in my life. Finding my purpose and passion has been a deep soul searching process, looking inside myself and asking a lot of tough questions. I had to really think hard about my answers because I have spent the past fifteen years focusing on my children and family. I think I lost who I was and what made me happy.  

In February, I sat down and made a list of what I like to do, what I enjoyed as a child, and what I'm good at. I simplified my life and began to slow down so I could truly discover what makes me happy.   

My list started out small  because I really didn't know what I enjoyed or liked to do.

1. Writing
2. Photography - Still Photography
3. Organization
4. Running ???
5. Basketball ???  

I started experimenting with my list. I began taking pictures again, which if I say so myself I think I'm pretty good. I started my simple living website and created an e-cookbook. I also started to put down on paper the many stories I have in my head. I continue to run and I occasionally play basketball with my children.

Every so often I add to my list. I enjoy to watch it grow as I find more and more things that make me happy.

6. Camping
7. Hiking
8. Social Media
9. Blogging
10. My Jeep
11. Off Roading
12. New Experiences
However, as I began experimenting with trying to find something -- for me -- everyday life once again took over. I occasionally pick up my camera and I have very good intentions to finish my book.  But as a mom, my children come first, and always will.  

Not realizing until today, not only has everyday life taken over but I believe my passion has snuck up on me and has taken place of my photography and writing. However, they both are very prominent in this new passion I have.  

I have found there is quite a difference between a hobby and passion.  I enjoy all those activities on my list. I would have to say they are my hobbies -- Most of them. A hobby is a regular activity you do for pleasure in your leisure time. I would have to say that is true with most of all the items on my list.

I believe I can say what my passion is in one word but it's more complicated than just that one word. I found this on a website and I truly believe it's true.     

The website asks a lot of questions...
-What do you spend hours doing?
-What are you willing to sacrifice, time, money sleep and vacation for?
-What can't you stay away from?

Well all those answers are easy for me.  My Blog --  My Jeep -- My Jeep Build -- Learning about my Jeep -- Learning about off-roading...  In a word #JeepLife

Now I have to find away to make it purposeful to my life.

Some would argue that my Jeep and my Blog are my obsession -- my addiction -- I disagree. #ItsaJeepThing

                  Simple Living - Enjoying Life -- The Jeep Momma Way!

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