Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Next Mod Decisions

I think the best move I made with my Jeep is writing this blog and sharing my Jeep pictures on social media sites. I have met a lot of wonderful people.  I enjoy hearing and seeing everyone's experiences with their Jeeps.  But I think the best part is getting all the great input on what I need to do with my #JeepBuild. 

So what's next you may ask.  I really don't know. I was initially thinking -- 2.5 lift here I come.  But a couple of comments by two fellow Jeepers has got me thinking. One gave me a tip about always look 10 to 15 feet ahead and plan out my line and always keep my wheels high. 

Is this high enough?  Hahaha. 

Another said... "Staying stock, suspension wise, while putting a bit of protection on is a good idea. You'll learn what your Jeep and you can do. You'll learn to pick a good line through obstacles because you'll have too."

Both of these folks make really great points.  I'm still very, very new at this whole off roading thing and have a whole lot to learn. So maybe instead of jumping right into the next step of lifting my Jeep and getting bigger tires -- I know you all are disappointed -- I need to get a little more drive time under my belt.  But remember I'm a woman and I reserve the right to change my mind.  

Actually I have never been off-roading on
my own, sorta speak. I've always had an instructor picking out my lines for me. Maybe I need to see what I can do on my own -- of course before you get on your keyboard -- I know never to go out alone!

So while I give myself some time on the unpaved paths I think I should beef up the undercarriage of my Jeep.  But I have no idea where to begin.  This is where you all need to chime in.   

First I read about aluminum plates... This doesn't seem too protective -- but what do I know.

What do I need to protect under there.  I have no idea what half that stuff is - well I'm sure if I really got under there and looked I could eventually figure it out. I'm guessing the most important item to protect is the transfer case? And what in the world is a evap skid? Oh... So much more to learn.

Actually if I had $1200 lying around I think I would love to do this. 

So this morning I got under my Jeep to take a look.  It looks like I am set on the skid plates.  But like I said before. What do I know? 

Oh BTW... I did a body mount bolt check and they are still good to go! Gotta love that super glue. 

As I inspected my undercarriage I noticed quick a few scrapes.  I'm thinking I might have to do some washing and maybe some spray paint to prevent any rusting.  So for now that will be my next project -- Undercarriage maintenance. 

My guess on this project would be... Clean off mud and dirt -- Sand lightly ? -- Automotive black spray paint ? 

So my plan is protect my under belly, head to the Quadratec tent sale on Saturday and then back to Rausch Creek in three weeks to see what I can do by myself. 

              Simple Living - Enjoying Life -- The Jeep Momma Way!


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