Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Inspiration

My good friend and neighbor, Jessica sent me a text today.  It was a link to her blog post. She featured me on her a Parent in America blog  yesterday. Her words touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes.  Yes, I am a little sappy some times -- okay maybe a lot of times. But, her story made me pause to reflect on the great neighbors we have in return.

While Jessica may feel we host more playdates, those playdates are truly a welcome blessing. Jessica's girls are avid dog lovers. They keep my dog entertained for hours. Sterling thrives on their attention and is one pooped puppy when they leave. 

It's also nice to know our kids will grow up together in the traditional sense of neighborhood friends, where they play in each other's backyards or play basketball at the local park or just ride their bikes up and down the street.  An American past time we are slowly losing to technology.

There are a lot of those American neighborly and family past times that are fading away into the past. But, Jessica is keeping them alive in her family and passing them on to ours, and she doesn't even know it. Jessica will bring over her favorite bowl of chicken soup and home-made granola when I'm sick. She throws a family Halloween get-together with the best Chicken Tortilla Soup on this side of the Mississippi. She will even share her great recipe, making me a hit with my husband.     

Secretly Inspiring 

When I first started my blog, I was beginning to go through - and am still in the midst of - a major change in my life. As I try to find my new path, I have begun to reflect on my life and my family's life, trying to find what truly makes me happy, and what makes us happy. One of my goals was to slow down and simplify. Sometimes I find myself, and our family, slipping back into those old habits. But then, I look out the window across the street and see Jessica and her family sitting around the kitchen table sharing dinner together - every night! Or on the weekends, when they are always on some sort of family adventure together, whether it be a walk to the local park or a weekend trip to the mountains. 

It's a great reminder about what is most important to me - my family. She is secretly inspiring through her glass window. 

Other Inspirations

My re-kindled love for the gym and running... Yep Jessica! She invited me to the gym as a guest and I signed up that day. I have been working out ever since.

Jeep Momma Inspiration

With out Jessica's initial push and constant positive encouragement I would not be Jeep Momma. She was the inspiration behind Jeep Momma. One day last summer we were sitting around at a neighborhood party. Jessica suggested I start my own blog, a blog about my new Jeep and motherhood. What I thought was going to be a part time hobby has turned into my passion. Without her constant positive encouragement I would not be where I am today. 

Is your neighbor the inspiration behind your passion? Is your neighbor the inspiration to re-kindled old loves? Mine is.  A great woman with a great family - I'm so glad they moved in across the street from us five years ago! #BeMyNeighbor    

- Simple Living! - Enjoying Life! The Jeep Momma Way -

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