Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Off Road Inspiration

When I started my blog it was the beginning of a new journey in my life. I was -- and still am -- on the rode of self discovery trying to figure out my passion. It has been fun -- searching and experimenting along the way. Just as my blog has evolved, so have I. 

During this search I have been reunited with some long lost loves that are now my new hobbies. But the one thing that has remained a constant joy -- never waxing or waning -- is my Jeep. 

The initial love for my Jeep has also evolved. But that would of never happened if it wasn't for the inspiration from others I found along the way. 

The purchase of my Jeep started with the inspiration of another friend's Jeep. When I saw the fun of driving a Jeep with the top down I wanted that fun too. So, my initial reason for buying the Jeep - topless riding - has evolved just as my blog has. This new inspiration struck and the joy of having a Jeep grew.  

My blog has introduced me to many, many other Jeep lovers. These Jeepers love their Jeeps for many different reasons. Some like to take their Jeeps out on the beach. Some like to go mudding while others like to rebuild their Jeeps. Then, there are the off road enthusiasts. 

We all seem to like taking pictures of our Jeeps. Some like to video tape their off roading experiences. I came across a friend's You Tube page -FamilyJK1 and my love for off roading began. Plus the desire to hit the trails on the Rubicon and the Moab which are now two of my bucket list items. 

I have two favorite videos from FamilyJK1 for two different reasons.  The first video inspires the desire to be in my Jeep on the trails.  The second video shows off roading can be a great experience for the whole family. The rush of off roading isn't just for the driver.

Rubicon Wentworth Springs Winter Run

So I can only hope one day my You Tube videos or my blog can inspire someone else to find their passion. Finding my passion has been a year long journey with many steps. 

Then I discovered what I believe to be my true passion "All things Jeep" -- Finding My Passion - It snuck up on Me .  Now I need to figure out how to use that new found passion to my advantage and somehow turn it into a job. That will be my biggest challenge. It may take years and it may not happen at all. But in the meantime I'm have a great time and enjoying meeting so many wonderful people. I just hope my enthusiasm will help someone else on their journey.

Check back next week when I share my Road to the Rubicon. 

                -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -The Jeep Momma Way --  

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