Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rock Slider Rubicon Install

We all love to say it. Well -- I do anyways. "I told you so" We all like to say it, but hate it when it's said to us. A Jeep friend once told me to never let a dealership service shop work on your Jeep mods. 
When I traded in my Sahara for my Rubicon I kept my Barricade Trailforce HD Bumper and my Barricade Rock Sliders. During the negotiations of the sale they agreed to take off the two items from the Sahara and install them on the Rubicon. My gut instinct told me just have them take off the bumper and sliders. I would install them both myself again. But I went against that instinct and the advice of a very experienced Jeep friend.

The service department installed the bumper and sliders yesterday. Once I returned home back into my neighborhood I noticed a weird noise coming from the drivers side back tire. It almost sounded like someone with achy joints - maybe metal rubbing against metal - or the sliders moving around somehow. 

When I pulled into the garage I got out and crawled under the Jeep and found this

The rock sliders were installed but there were no body mount washers. 

Yes... I know, I know --- I told you so -- lesson learned. 

The next morning I headed back up to the Jeep dealership to get my washers back onto the sliders and to see what the noise was. The service folks were eagerly waiting for me ready to my rectify my situation. 

I was told the service department worker found the washer was a tad to big for the slider mount bracket. He decided he didn't want to force it and damage my sliders and left them off. Now -- if you remember my blog post from September when I installed the sliders, I had the same issue -- the washer was a tad too big to fit in the hole. So I just gently tapped them in with a hammer.  I passed that tidbit on to the service folks and they went to work. 

Now the sliders are on and the noise is gone.

As for the noise, I don't think we will truly know what it was. The folks at the dealer say it was the sliders rubbing the Rubicon Rock Rails and they made some slight adjustment. Everything looks the same to me. Except now there are body mount washers installed. In my gut I feel it had something to do with the washers, but what do I know.  I would like to point out my gut is also called "woman's intuition" and my woman's intuition is usually 99.99% right. 

Barricade Off-Road Sliders - - $373.99

Barricade Trail Force HD Front Bumper - - $312.99

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