Friday, November 21, 2014

Off-Road Tip #1

When I venture into something new, I always do a little research before I start. Just so I know what I'm getting into. Like when I started off-roading. I watched a lot of videos online, read a lot of articles, and I took four off-road driving classes. The same should go to everyone who goes wheeling on the trails.  Off-Roading isn't something you just go do. You really need to know what you are getting yourself into because you could get hurt. Even worse you could damage your Jeep.

Off-Road Tips 2 to 4

Never go off-road alone on the trails.
Use a spotter if you don't feel confident going over obstacles.
Have a recovery kit and plan.

#1 Off-Road Tip 

My number one Off-Road wheeling tip -- Use the words passenger and driver instead of left and right. 

This is one of the first things I learned from Kyle. He was my 101 & 201 instructor at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park.  Instead of telling me to turn right or left, he would use the words passenger and driver. Which means to turn your wheel in that direction.  This was perfect for me since I am Right-Left Dyslexic or --  is it Left - Right Dyslexic.

Jeep Video at Slick Rock in Northern California 

Here is an example of this is in a video by Family JK1 on You Tube 

Can you imagine if Kyle would have told me to turn right, and I turned left. I could have ended up in one of those sink holes that litter the mountains at Rausch Creek or I could possibly flip my Jeep if I ever go to Slick Rock and try those obstacles. 

Which won't that be fun to see - Jeep Momma and her Rubicon at Slick Rock! Well, I still have a lot of practicing before I can head out West.

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